Realizing the full value of subscriptions

Top-line revenue growth, cost containment, network visibility, risk management, and enterprise network security are the core goals of every enterprise. However, achieving those objectives can be challenging.


Most enterprise infrastructures are complex, comprised of different systems, vendors, and contracts, at various stages of asset depreciation and end-of-life stages. While a subscription-based management infrastructure might reduce technical and financial risk, many enterprises struggle to maximize the full value of the purchased solutions.

This is where Software Lifecycle Management can help: minimizing the adoption risk by using a mix of technical experts, services, and customer experience guidance. It works across every stage of the journey with those core goals in mind to accelerate time to value and ensure outcome delivery. Adoption and consumption barriers are proactively identified and addressed, maximizing software ROI. ​


of buyers prefer subscriptions over perpetual licenses.

Source: McKinsey & Co.


Rewrite the rules of customer engagement

Making the transition to subscription

Your business can get everything from personal productivity applications to complex financial management software for a simple monthly payment. Yet every few years, you still buy complex, expensive network equipment to keep your underlying infrastructure running.

In this blog, Kyle Reese explores how you can pay for that functionality in the same way. ​



Our approach

Providing support across every stage of your transformation journey

Strategic consulting support
Deciding on the right solution and journey can be challenging. We’re here to de-risk that decision. We offer Design Thinking Workshops with our solution experts, helping to pro-actively identify the best possible solution with the least invasive deployment and onboarding journey.​

Amplified customer experience
Post-sales, the experience is amplified. Our Customer Experience team becomes a single point of contact throughout onboarding, implementation and adoption, guiding you through potential barriers and challenges. A tailored Customer Success Plan aligned with clear Business Outcome metrics helps identify and deploy the right technical and service resources.​

Continued growth
Transformations can take longer than expected, but that shouldn’t stand in the way of your objectives. By consistently delivering against agreed outcomes, we ensure that software lifecycle management becomes part of long-term growth strategies, ensuring cohesion and efficiency.

Transition to subscription

As-a-service models have evolved from software to encompassing every aspect of enterprise infrastructure. Find out how businesses transition to subscription in our whitepaper.

Download the whitepaper


Our practice

Our services are designed to accelerate time-to-value and deliver outcomes. We work with you to identify the right mix of hardware, software and services, aligning the solution to your enterprise goals.​

Customer experience management

Dedicated resources, built on decades of knowledge and expertise in software lifecycle management, ensure that you benefit from cross-architectural expertise, supported by industry-leading experience, technical support and services.​

Digital tooling

Our Digital Tooling suite delivers advanced insights and metrics to support and inform Customer Experience, Asset Lifecycle Management and Consulting services.

Each tool is integrated into the Software Lifecycle Management journey, providing the telemetry and insights to see challenges in advance, adjust plans, and ultimately accelerate outcome delivery.

Lifecycle services

Our Lifecycle Services support your journey from Ideation to Outcome. From starting with Design Thinking Workshops, before moving on to PoV Consulting engagements, Customer Experience Management, and Asset Lifecycle Management, our services are designed to accelerate time-to-value and deliver outcomes. It requires the right mix of hardware, software and services, aligned to your goals.​

Lifecycle processes

Transformational journeys need a personalized Digital Journey map. This is used across the engagement lifecycle to ensure the proper support is delivered at the right time by the right team.

It might include a Customer Success Plan, technical adoption assessments and Asset Lifecycle Management; all process are customized to enterprise outcomes, both now and in the future.


The value of customer experience and lifecycle management​

We have found that enterprises have many questions about the value of Customer Experience and Lifecycle Management. We listened, and with the help of Cisco, we held a CX Webinar to answer a few of the common questions.

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Our solutions

Our services are designed to accelerate time-to-value and deliver outcomes. We work with you to identify the right mix of hardware, software and services, aligning the solution to your enterprise goals.​


We employ end-to-end security to protect your data throughout the entire journey, from collection to storage to analysis, and help you exploit its power safely and responsibly.​

Our Email Protection Suite, Mobile Threat Protection and Web Protection Suite are just a few of the solutions that will keep your enterprise safe at every level, together with our strategic partners: Cisco, Palo Alto, Zscaler and Fortinet​.​

Internet of Things

Business agility is a significant differentiator. IoT-powered automation can make change happen fast without intervention, with information from the field available to business owners for timely assessment and rapid decision making.

With expertise in connectivity and specialized platforms, we enable our customers to easily manage their data and objects with integrated business applications. Every year, our 400 application developers work on over 1,000 software and integration projects, together with our strategic partners Microsoft and AWS.


Our extensive connectivity portfolio provides the flexibility, performance and security required by highly variable cloud, big data, IoT and mobile workloads. Flexible SD-WAN, Galerie and Business VPN can be delivered within budget for your convenience at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.

​Our extended ecosystem of partners means we’re able to harness the right technology as we become a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) service provider, meeting the distributed needs of customers, together with our strategic partners Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet, Aruba and Riverbed.

Digital workplace

Transformation to a hybrid workplace and a consistent user experience requires both a physical and digital response at a global scale. Our tools for collaboration and remote interaction, such as Business Talk and Open Videopresence, as well as integration into business applications, artificial intelligence and the automation of low value-added tasks, are all essential, but tools won’t do everything.

The right level of training and support for employees, through User Adoption Services, must be provided to get the full value from these technologies, together with our strategic partners Microsoft, Zoom and Cisco​.


Why Orange?

Global transformation business solutions with local expertise, covering the technologies our customers need

An ecosystem of certified, strategic partnerships providing the expertise our customers want, not what we want them to have

A complete set of Software Lifecycle Management services to support your transformational journey