Bring together your audiences from around the world

  • Open Videopresence
    Collaborate around the world with premium, interactive virtual conference rooms
    • Choose the high-resolution video and voice solution with best-of-breed partners
    • Interact with colleagues anywhere in the world as if you were in the same room
    • Benefit from full end-to-end support for accessing, implementing and operating your solution


Share information simply and securely

  • Business Together with Microsoft
    Increase teamwork and productivity with our flexible suite of communications and collaboration tools
    • Access unified communications as a service from any device
    • Test quickly, deploy everywhere and scale at your own pace
    • Centralize your voice solution with direct routing
  • Business Together Cisco
    Improve productivity with a flexible suite of unified communications services for large enterprises
    • Implement a global, secure, cost-effective unified communications infrastructure and applications
    • Empower your employees with maximum mobility and productivity
    • Relax with our 99.95% end-to-end SLA service model
  • Workplace Together [Webex]
    Maximize your productivity with a flexible cloud-centric suite of unified communications and collaboration services for large enterprises
    • Enjoy a cloud-based phone system that’s as powerful as it is flexible
    • Hold meetings that let everyone participate equally
    • Integrate with our cloud-native contact center solution and provide a better customer experience

Virtual workspace

Expand telecommuting capabilities

  • Cisco Webex
    Simplify your company's digital life while improving your teams' performance
    • Work together more efficiently from anywhere on any device
    • Communicate similarly with colleagues, partners and customers
    • Use all of your essential tools: IM, voicemail, audio, web and video conferencing
  • Virtual Desktop
    Liberate yourself from device management by putting all of your applications in the cloud
    • Remotely access your applications and data simply and securely
    • Use any device anywhere any time
    • Scale up and down, and pay only for what you use