Data transformation

Turn your data into valuable insights

  • Flux Vision
    Drive your business with insightful statistics on people-mobility patterns using mobile network data
    • Get real-time data by the millions
    • Learn more about your customers with reliable analytics
    • Ensure GDPR-compliant user anonymity
  • Live Objects
    Boost the potential of your IoT projects with our secure, cloud-based platform
    • Easily connect machines and objects to your business applications
    • Scale and evolve your solution as your needs change with our complete suite of services
    • Manage your fleet's operations and communication flows

IoT connectivity

Deploy your fleet of connected objects on the appropriate network

  • IoT Managed Global Connectivity
    Empower your IoT-connected devices on the Orange global cellular network
    • Seamlessly and easily deploy your fleet of devices everywhere in the world
    • Ensure end-to-end security of your data through Orange cellular connectivity
    • Tailor your solution to the unique requirements of your IoT projects