The age of digitization has brought with it huge increases in the amount of easily accessible data, but taking advantage of it can be a challenge. To seize new opportunities with the right strategy and support, analyzing and understanding this data is essential.
Applying the right tools, like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and the right expertise, enhances decision making and creates significant value and a competitive advantage for businesses and other organizations, resulting in improved customer experience, operational excellence and creation of new services.





With data analysis, you can evaluate trends, identify new business opportunities and offer the new products and services that your customers want. Identify the potential of your intellectual property and big data, and enhance it with structured or unstructured external data, like video or voice recordings. Be the first to adapt your products and services, and perhaps even your business model, based on market trends – and maintain your competitive advantage.
Our experts can help you master the challenge of volume and diversification and identify the relevant internal data. With the storage and processing power of our cloud offers, we’ll help you collect, structure and secure your data and identify any cross over with external data sources (data hub).


of companies say they could create more value by incorporating data analysis.

bpm’online, Sept 2017


Serve your customers better


of companies believe that “data science” helps to better understand customer behavior.

EBG, 2017

Monitor, record and analyze the interactions of your customers at brick and mortar stores and on your website to get a better understanding of their behavior and the market. With a 360° digital marketing approach, including analysis, strategy and content, you’ll get the “big picture” of your customers’ journey along with valuable insights to better serve their needs and adapt to their constantly changing desires.


Strive for excellence


Collect and leverage data throughout your operational processes to predict events and improve efficiency and effectiveness in terms of budgets, marketing, sales, logistics and more. Free your teams of repetitive tasks so they can concentrate on things that really matter to your business.
Observe and guide your customers through their entire customer journey. Our agile and design-focused methods enable more flexibility and fewer V-cycles for a truly optimized digital business.


of companies plan to increase productivity and save money by improving internal processes.

EBG, 2017


Anticipate risks



With Orange Cyberdefense, you can protect your business against all kinds of financial, security, regulatory, reputational and fraudulent risks, including credit defaults and market and solvency risks, while ensuring regulatory (GDPR) and Basel compliance, e-privacy and solvency and knowing and improving your brand and reputation.


of companies believe that Big Data can play a key role in detecting fraud.

Cabinet EY, 2014



Why choose Orange Business Services?

  • Orange and its subsidiary Business & Decision have been working in data recovery since 1992
  • Unique know-how in bringing together all of the elements required for a successful data journey
  • Comprehensive 360° Big Data solution
  • Vendor-agnostic approach with regard to solution providers
  • Business and Decision active monitoring and R&D processes


  • Tech partnerships with Orange R&D Labs (LIG, Grenoble, LIRMM, CEA, INRIA, CNAM, INSERM, etc.)
  • Access to new data (anonymous Orange mobile databases, IoT catalog, DMP, open data, etc.), which can open up new insights into your market verticals and customer behavior
  • Experience in combining business expertise and IT knowledge in many industries, including banking, insurance, manufacturing, distribution, etc. and across all functional areas (finance, marketing, sales, HR, logistics, etc.)


  • Active monitoring combined with careful selection of major digital players across various industries (including health, education and innovation) through a start-up and partnership approach that opens doors to innovation
  • Consulting and implementation of BPM (business performance management) solutions: budgeting and forecasting process, reporting, financial and regulatory KPIs
  • Recognition by major analysts (Gartner, PAC, and more)