Optimize industry by digitizing tools, processes and products

IT technologies and solutions, applied to the OT domain, improve productivity and security, enable process optimization and create the opportunity to develop disruptive business models. Orange Business supports its customers in determining the best business cases, setting up and maintaining the necessary secure infrastructures, enabling IT/OT convergence, and thus unlocking more value, faster.

The power of IT at the service of OT

Advanced technologies and digital solutions to enhance operational efficiency, security and productivity.

Building a reliable, scalable infrastructure

Design and deploy network, computing and security solutions tailored to your specific use cases, supporting seamless industrial digitalization. Leverage a high-performance infrastructure, providing a robust foundation for digitalizing tools and processes, while ensuring seamless IT/OT convergence.

Enhancing workplace security and employee experience

Deploy technical solutions for incident prevention, ensuring employee safety and uninterrupted production. Implement digital tools to elevate operational staff's experience and productivity.

Improving operational efficiency

Integrating advanced technology, streamlining processes, automating tasks and optimizing resources boosts productivity, reduces errors, enables real-time monitoring and supports data-driven decisions. IT systems facilitate seamless team communication, leading to smoother workflows and improved outcomes.

Creating new business opportunities and differentiating your business

Capture valuable usage data by connecting products. Transform your business model by harnessing the service value associated with your products, offering enhanced customer experiences, optimizing product performance and uncovering new revenue streams.

Aligning IT and OT for enhanced operations

Leverage IT to process and refine vast quantities of raw OT data, unlocking numerous benefits including accelerated decision-making, effective problem solving, enhanced quality and reduced waste.

We support every stage of your digital-first business

SI - Des infrastructures adaptées aux cas d'usage industriels

Secure and flexible infrastructure

Build digital infrastructure for operational excellence and sustainable business outcomes.

Favoriser l’accès à un numérique responsable SVG

Connected smart products

Enhance efficiency, deliver real-time insights and enable seamless customization with connected smart products.

SI - Des solutions prêtes à déployer pour améliorer l'efficacité opérationnelle

Operational efficiency

Improve quality and productivity through automation, supervision, digitization and optimization technologies.

SI - Performance ESG

ESG performance

Harness the power of IT to enhance environmental performance, from strategic insights to pragmatic, sustainable solutions.

SI -  Travailleurs assistés

Assisted workers

Empower employee efficiency and increase workplace safety with IT solutions.

Our expertise at the service of your industrial digitalization

  • Global operator and integrator
  • Leader in cybersecurity
  • Ecosystem of best-of-breed technology partners
  • Technological and industrial expertise
Opérateur et intégrateur global

Global operator and integrator

We combine the power of an integrator with the proximity of local specialists to design, deploy and manage the infrastructures that will accelerate the digitalization of industry.

Leader en cybersécurité

Leader in cybersecurity

Rely on the proven expertise of Orange Cyberdefense for top-tier security maintenance. As a leading name in cybersecurity, we tailor industry-specific practices to provide the solutions and service levels essential for your protection.

Vaste écosystème de partenaires technologiques

Ecosystem of best-of-breed technology partners

Orange Business leverages a vast partner ecosystem, specializing in IoT, geolocation, industrial supervision, IT/OT gateways, augmented/virtual reality and AI, to select and implement cutting-edge technologies tailored to your needs.

Des équipes de consultants proches des métiers et des solutions concrètes

Technological and industrial expertise

Our expert teams blend industry-specific insights with technology expertise to offer practical, impactful solutions that enhance your performance.

Our customers testify

illustration testimonial

Marieke Schoningh, SHV Energy Management Board Member

"The move toward smart metering and digital functionality is critical. With this innovative IoT connectivity solution from Orange Business, we can increase the flexibility, reliability and robustness of our network and become greener in the process."
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Rhys Craigie, Alliance Systems Manager, McConnell Dowell

"We are focused on embedding technology in our processes, and Orange Business proved to be an ideal innovation partner. Together, we are future-proofing our business through agile, scalable and smart solutions that streamline business insights."
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Vincent Caillaud, CEO, Veolia Water Technologies

"Having a partner with recognized multi-service skills and extensive research capabilities means that governance is more agile and responsive. It facilitates our implementation of the innovative and ambitious roadmap that we have set for ourselves."