Adopting a cloud-native approach for business leads to increased business sustainability and agility. IT spending is directly mapped to business transactions, and a high degree of automation throughout the entire architecture means more resilience and reliability. The implementation and operation of cloud native tools leads to significant reduction in consultancy costs.
Going cloud native leads to better business outcomes and is an essential strategy for businesses faced with an exponential increase in the amount of data they need to collect, store and process. Cloud native means faster and more reliable application performance, and that, in turn, leads to happier users and satisfied customers.

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of companies expect major changes to their IT strategies and their first priority is a more aggressive move to cloud

Source: IDC

Enabling innovation
The agility and scalability of cloud enables digital transformation, and a cloud-native organization is inherently stronger because costs are controlled even when rapid changes are needed. Cloud is the natural choice for organizations wishing to accelerate their transformation. This agility of a cloud-based business facilitates faster conception-to-market times for your products and services. It helps you to understand your customers more thoroughly, which in turn enables you to serve them better.

Increasing resilience
Resilience and adaptability in the face of change or crisis has always been vital to any organization. The robust, agile and scalable architecture of cloud is a positive benefit when faced with change and crisis. Cloud provides opportunities for greatly increased resilience. Organizations with a cloud-based business model have proved to be the most resilient and dynamic in the face of unprecedented challenges.

Transforming your organization
Cloud computing enables you to transform your organization. It facilitates an agile way of working and gives your people access to the new skill sets they require. Agility and better performing services help you gain the support of your employees and get closer to your customers. Cloud makes it simple to implement upgrades and to scale and ease the path to acquire or subcontract additional expertise.


Services and technologies that make your cloud evolve as fast as your business


Cloud computing infrastructure management

Flexible Engine

Highly secure and reliable public cloud computing platform built on Openstack technology

Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

Public, private, hybrid or multi-cloud IaaS solutions to help companies with their cloud strategy


Cloud computing services on a secure virtual private network

Cloud computing professional services

Professional Services

A range of professional services to help companies create value by implementing and optimizing their hybrid and multi-cloud practices

Cloud application management

Managed Applications

Management and maintenance of your applications to help you improve operational capabilities

Virtual Desktop

All of your applications in the cloud so you're free of device management

Multi-Cloud Managed Services

Deploy the power of multi-cloud to develop your business


Increasing cost control and security of fixed and mobile services


Amcor enhances cost management and business agility

"We know Orange Business Services is a reliable partner with a proven delivery track record. In addition to having an unmatched global presence in both mobile and fixed connectivity, Orange tells a real end-to-end story around IT and digital transformation."

Joel Ranchin, VP Corporate IT & Global Business Services, Amcor


Our strategy has three key elements

Defined cloud journey that is applicable to each customer

Network of partners (AWS, Azure, GCP, Huawei) and independent software vendors to provide you with cloud business solutions

Strong history and expertise in end-to-end solutions bundling connectivity, IoT, cloud and cybersecurity


Your tailor-made journey to cloud native

The position your organization is at on your journey to cloud maturity dictates your strategy. When you partner with Orange Business Services, we recognize that you are in a unique position, and we define a cloud journey that perfectly matches your cloud maturity.

We've identified several paths for companies to become cloud-native enterprises, which means becoming an enterprise that uses the cloud as a foundation to add value to your business, especially by taking advantage of agility, flexibility and cost optimization. Whatever your chosen path, the objective is always to increase the value of your business by using the power of the cloud: the cloud as a business platform.


of global organizations will be running containerized applications in production by 2022, a significant increase from fewer than 30% in 2019

Source: Gartner


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