Companies that rely heavily on cloud computing are more resilient in times of crisis. Cloud is the most efficient solution for coping with prolonged teleworking periods or to regulate IT consumption according to increases or decreases in activity. This is particularly true in times of crisis or recovery. Discover our solutions for cloud migration or adopting multicloud.

Cloud Alliance
Host your data securely on every continent and deploy services on an international scale.

Manage your cloud deployment


Dynamic business models require flexibility across your organization
IT teams need to work with many different business functions to develop new customer insight and innovative interaction channels. Service diversification and profitable growth objectives require new cloud computing services to be added and, for those that are outdated, to be removed with ease. While the ability to scale capacity on demand is essential for geographic expansion.

Down times and data loss have a significant impact on your business
Achieving high levels of cloud application availability and performance, combined with the need for access anywhere, is a significant challenge. Traditional IT security defenses are becoming less effective, increasing your chances of being hacked. Data privacy regulations are becoming more onerous, adding a further level of intricacy.

Managing the lifecycle of heterogeneous IT landscapes is getting more complex
CIOs need to overcome higher regulatory, security and operational hurdles to move IT workloads to the cloud. Employee productivity and customer experience are both heavily impacted by data silos between business applications and functions. Secure mobile access to cloud applications for employees and customers on the move is now an expectation.

experts to manage your digital transformation using world-class project management and quality assurance frameworks.


Drive flexibility and security across your business


secure Orange data centers all over the world.

Turn your IT function into an on-demand service center
Run innovative IT programs that are quick to deploy, instantly scalable and have a positive impact on employee productivity and customer intimacy. Our Cloud Expert Services are designed to meet your business requirements, enabling you to focus on your core activities and achieve goals.

Ensure business continuity with an integrated approach to cloud security
Reach the highest levels of cloud performance and route cloud traffic more effectively and efficiently. Improve your operational capability with our managed application service, and choose an independent data center or public or private cloud to protect your data and comply with local regulations. Secure access to the cloud, and select additional layers of security around your cloud infrastructure, from vulnerability scans to web filtering, through VMware or Openstack technologies.

Master your budget with smarter management of your cloud application
Simplify and standardize cloud and data management across the compute, storage and network layers with our cloud vendor ecosystem. Reduce OPEX with pay-as-you-go cloud services while driving innovation forward throughout your business. Our cloud computing experts will help you take your IT legacy into the future with a progressive and thought-through migration to the cloud.


Services and technologies that make your cloud evolve as fast as your business


Cloud computing infrastructure management

Flexible Engine
Highly secure and reliable public cloud computing platform built on Openstack technology

Business VPN Galerie
Cloud computing services on a secure virtual private network

Cloud computing professional services

Consulting Services
The right support along your innovation journey as you take advantage of cloud computing

Cloud Expert Services
Supporting your company with your digital transformation challenges

Cloud application management

Managed Applications
Improve your operational capabilities through the management and maintenance of your applications

Virtual Desktop
Liberate yourself from device management by putting all of your applications in the cloud


Virtual desktops ensure doctors can keep working in a crisis

"When we started using the Orange Virtual Surgery, it seemed to transform things virtually overnight. All of a sudden we could access emails, our clinical systems, and even do video consultations from home. This innovative solution really is a game changer for us. And I think we'll continue to work in this way long after COVID has passed."

Nick Pulman, GP & Vice Chair, West Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group


Why choose Orange Business Services?

We have cloud, security and network experts to fully support your cloud migration strategy end to end. To preserve the integrity of your data, our infrastructure is protected by the most advanced security solutions. Our secure networks can transport your data between users and our worldwide data centers, while our innovative and analytical tools can extract intelligence from your data, turning it into real business value.

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