Contact Center

Improve your customer relationships with a best-of-breed contact center

  • Unified Engagement Suite Genesys
    Embrace the customer engagement revolution with an all-in-one and fit-for-future cloud customer engagement solution
    • Orchestrate the entire customer journey as one conversation 
    • Future proof with easy scaling and evolution
    • Enjoy market-leading CRM technology from Genesys
  • Quality Monitoring
    Empower your workforce with custom training packs
    • Review conversations to identify problems and best practices
    • Provide your workforce with tailored training and guidance
    • Empower everybody, from business owners to CR agents
  • Voice of the Customer
    Exceed your customers’ most challenging needs with the help of real-time insight, and mitigate the risk of churn
    • Analyze direct feedback from real-time contact center interactions
    • Respond with the right approach for each customer
    • Empower your agents with tailored coaching and guidance
  • Managed Contact Center with Genesys
    Connect the dots across the entire customer journey with a secure, next-generation cloud contact center
    • Ensure customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty
    • Meet complex requirements to personalize experiences at scale
    • Build a solid foundation for embracing emerging CX functionalities
  • Managed Contact Center with Cisco
    Develop top-notch, omnichannel customer relationships through a secure cloud-based contact center
    • Provide a prompt, consistent and high-touch customer experience
    • Drive operational excellence leveraging our intuitive, fully integrated desktop
    • Minimize costs and streamline processes with Orange as your one-stop shop
  • Managed Voice Portal
    Build a next-generation, AI-powered calling experience
    • Provide fast resolution and personalized, efficient self-service
    • Create an automated conversational experience with seamless escalation to an agent
    • Streamline your call routing strategy for an effortless, seamless customer support journey
  • Unified Engagement Suite NICE
    Transform your customer engagement strategy into a competitive differentiator with an all-in-one engagement center
    • Connect customer requests to the right agent, across any channel
    • Optimize your workforce to keep your team sharp and engaged
    • Get useful insights on who your customers are thanks to powerful analytics
  • Managed Contact Center Premium
    Enhance customer experience with a secure, robust and collaborative contact center
    • Engage customers through their preferred channels with efficiency, consistency and reliability
    • Count on the security of dedicated hosting with high end-to-end SLAs
    • Focus on your core business with advanced service and support
  • Contact Center Access
    Collect calls from anywhere in the world for your contact centers and conferencing needs
    • Enjoy a single contact for easier management
    • Choose Orange for worldwide availability and high scalability
    • Optimize your cost strategy with effortless service dimensioning


Optimize user experience by digitalizing the consumer journey

  • Robotic Process Automation
    Build the workforce of tomorrow
    • Automate your contact center and business processes with bots
    • Improve operational performance and costs by delegating low-value tasks
    • Elevate employee engagement, which translates into greater customer advocacy
  • Callbot
    Boost the potential of your calling experience
    • Improve your customers’ calling experience with efficient, human-like conversation
    • Enjoy better performance while taking pressure off your agents 
    • Empower your live agents with contextualized insights

Performance Monitoring

Maximize customer satisfaction with expert advice and follow-up from Orange

  • Workforce Management
    Ensure the availability of the right agents at the right times
    • React to real-time workload fluctuations, and forecast future workforce needs
    • Match staffing with demand for optimal worker efficiency and well-being
    • Improve customer satisfaction with less waiting and better resolutions