Contact Center

Improve your customer relationships with a best-of-breed contact center

  • Quality Monitoring
    Empower your workforce with custom training packs
    • Review conversations to identify problems and best practices
    • Provide your workforce with tailored training and guidance
    • Empower everybody, from business owners to CR agents
  • Voice of the Customer
    Exceed your customers’ most challenging needs with the help of real-time insight, and mitigate the risk of churn
    • Analyze direct feedback from real-time contact center interactions
    • Respond with the right approach for each customer
    • Empower your agents with tailored coaching and guidance
  • Managed Contact Center with Genesys
    Connect the dots across the entire customer journey with a secure, next-generation cloud contact center
    • Ensure customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty
    • Meet complex requirements to personalize experiences at scale
    • Build a solid foundation for embracing emerging CX functionalities
  • Managed Contact Center with Cisco
    Develop top-notch, omnichannel customer relationships through a secure cloud-based contact center
    • Provide a prompt, consistent and high-touch customer experience
    • Drive operational excellence leveraging our intuitive, fully integrated desktop
    • Minimize costs and streamline processes with Orange as your one-stop shop
  • Managed Voice Portal
    Build a next-generation, AI-powered calling experience
    • Provide fast resolution and personalized, efficient self-service
    • Create an automated conversational experience with seamless escalation to an agent
    • Streamline your call routing strategy for an effortless, seamless customer support journey
  • Managed Contact Center Premium
    Enhance customer experience with a secure, robust and collaborative contact center
    • Engage customers through their preferred channels with efficiency, consistency and reliability
    • Count on the security of dedicated hosting with high end-to-end SLAs
    • Focus on your core business with advanced service and support
  • Contact Center Access
    Collect calls from anywhere in the world for your contact centers and conferencing needs
    • Enjoy a single contact for easier management
    • Choose Orange for worldwide availability and high scalability
    • Optimize your cost strategy with effortless service dimensioning
  • Unified Engagement Suite - Genesys
    Augment your customer experience by seamlessly orchestrating the entire customer journey. Harness the power of advanced tools, like predictive routing, agent assist, AI and omnichannel conversations, to boost your contact center KPIs.
    • Orchestrate the entire customer journey as one conversation
    • Easily scale and evolve with our future-proof solution
    • Enjoy market-leading CRM technology from Genesys
  • Unified Engagement Suite - NICE
    Unified Engagement Suite - NICE is a cloud-based customer-experience platform with seamless omnichannel capabilities, analytics and automation.
    • Connect customer requests to the right agent, across any channel
    • Optimize your workforce to keep your team engaged and productive
    • Get useful insights on who your customers are thanks to powerful analytics


Optimize user experience by digitalizing the consumer journey

  • Robotic Process Automation
    Build the workforce of tomorrow
    • Automate your contact center and business processes with bots
    • Improve operational performance and costs by delegating low-value tasks
    • Elevate employee engagement, which translates into greater customer advocacy
  • Callbot
    Boost the potential of your calling experience
    • Improve your customers’ calling experience with efficient, human-like conversation
    • Enjoy better performance while taking pressure off your agents 
    • Empower your live agents with contextualized insights

Performance Monitoring

Maximize customer satisfaction with expert advice and follow-up from Orange

  • Workforce Management
    Ensure the availability of the right agents at the right times
    • React to real-time workload fluctuations, and forecast future workforce needs
    • Match staffing with demand for optimal worker efficiency and well-being
    • Improve customer satisfaction with less waiting and better resolutions