Enhanced connectivity

Enhance your corporate network with smart control and cloud-native connectivity

  • Flexible SD-WAN
    Keep your business flexible and competitive with our flagship multi-access, multi-application and multi-cloud connectivity solution
    • Make sure your enterprise network meets your business needs
    • Count on best-of-breed security
    • Get real-time visibility and control through a single self-service portal
  • Visibility as a Service
    Maintain control of application and network performance in an Internet and cloud world
    • Operate efficiently, optimizing your true IT performance
    • Empower your digital transformation
    • Manage your budget
  • Content Delivery Network Solutions
    Optimize and protect the delivery of web applications and contents over the Internet
    • Enhance your web performance and experience
    • Provide superior media content quality and delivery
    • Ensure business continuity with protection from Internet attacks

Local network

Manage your local network digitally and autonomously

  • Flexible LAN
    Secure and optimize your global LAN/WAN infrastructure
    • Match your LAN network to your core business strategy
    • Ensure safety and reliability with a GOLD Certified Cisco Partner solution
    • End-to-end design and support for cost savings and evolution
  • Flexible SD-Branch
    Manage your corporate network in the cloud with lower costs and seamless security, while delivering an optimal user experience.
    • Benefit from a complete, unified solution: Wi-Fi, LAN, SD-WAN, security/SASE, IoT
    • Manage your solution via a single cloud administration platform for all your equipment
    • Control all your sites with peace of mind via a centralized cloud dashboard

Virtual private network

Connect your employees anywhere on any device with a reliable IP backbone

  • Maritime Connect
    Integrate your ships into your corporate network with a single solution platform
    • Easily connect your ships to a reliable, global network
    • Ensure onshore and offshore access to all of the Orange UCaaS applications
    • Improve the operational efficiency of all your maritime activities
  • Business VPN Satellite
    Provide connectivity in regions with poor or non-existing communication infrastructure
    • Bring connectivity to all your locations and sectors
    • Ensure bandwidth and access guarantees with a unique hybrid network
    • Focus on your business while we manage your end-to-end solution
  • Business VPN Internet
    Manage Internet traffic worldwide cost effectively and securely while optimizing performance
    • Adopt hybrid networks for increased manageability and flexibility
    • Multiply Internet breakouts for optimal end-user experience
    • Ensure a consistent security policy across all your sites
  • Business VPN
    Drive your business forward with secure intranet and Internet connectivity and cloud service provider access
    • Boost employee productivity with global access to your corporate systems
    • Ensure smooth, secure and reliable access to all your services
    • Deploy quickly, use simply and fix easily
  • International Ethernet Link
    Bridge your data centers and corporate sites around the world with Layer 2 carrier ethernet
    • Connect various types of sites in over 40 countries into one extended LAN
    • Rely on high speed, high service levels and any-to-any connectivity
    • Get the flexible and fully managed solution that meets the unique needs of your enterprise


Ensure the performance of your connectivity solutions

  • Enterprise Application Management
    Improve network performance and user experience for onsite and remote workers
    • Rely on consistent application performance for anyone anywhere
    • Improve end-user experience with faster access to business applications
    • Accelerate transport protocols with reduced bandwidth up to 99%