Creating positive impact

We help our customers across the globe transform their industries, reimagine their services, create a positive impact and unleash the power of their data into an amazing and trusted resource that gives our customers positive business impact. With them, we are designing the new awesome.


 7.8 billion
Revenue in 2020

Employees – half of them outside France

Multinational clients

 2 million
SOHO and SME clients, including 43,000 companies with over 50 employees in France

What sets us apart?

Our dual expertise as a reliable network operator coupled with our agility as an integrator of digital solutions.


building and operating complex infrastructures

Our dual expertise sets us apart

designing and managing end-to-end digital solutions

global voice and data network

network experts

SDx experts
(European leader)

cloud experts

Cyberdefense experts

data and artificial intelligence experts


A global presence for local services

Our teams are located in over 100 countries, ready to deploy and supervise your networks and digital solutions on a daily basis.


11 CyberSOC facilities
providing top-tier expertise in threat analysis

17 SOC facilities
located around the world, monitoring and reacting to events 24/7, 365 days a year

5 Major Service Centers (MSCs)
across the globe providing 24/7 support

70 Data Centers