Multisourcing Service Integration for Mobility: a simple answer to managing international mobility

Managing growing and increasingly complex mobile fleets has put both budget and management strain on multinational companies with duplication and higher overhead costs, unclear roles and responsibilities, inadequate performance tracking and poor support response times. This complexity makes it very difficult to have overall visibility of the mobile fleet and its contracts, which is required to optimize productivity and control costs.

This, however, could be mitigated by adopting a Multisourcing Service Integration (MSI) model.

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MSI: a simple answer to manage international mobility

At Orange Business, we deliver a strong MSI proposition by acting as your service integrator, providing a single point of responsibility for services and technologies from multiple vendors. For mobility, it means that we take control of your entire mobile estate and manage it on your behalf, whatever your local operators, using mobility experts, automated processes and tools, together with accurate performance measurements.


Automated processes for incident and request management
To improve operational effectiveness

  • A single process to manage requests, orders and incidents
  • Leveraging your existing assets (ITSM solution) and your processes
  • Mobility experts from Orange Global Service Desk and ITIL® processes

Cost management
To stay on top of employees' mobile usage

  • Telecom expense management solution providing reporting on usage and spend
  • Dedicated Customer Service Manager, providing optimization recommendations through regular service reviews
  • Option: mobile data control on devices, optimization and invoice verification to control traffic and monitor expenses


Contract management
To regain control over suppliers

  • Centralized contract inventory and event milestones follow up
  • Performance reports and reviews of commercial and operational obligations
  • Recommendation on remedy to eliminate commitment deviation

Global Service Desk
To focus on your core business

  • Standard and direct interface with your fleet manager or service desk, 24/7 available in option
  • Engage and follow up with mobile service providers for ticket resolution based on KPIs
  • Continuous performance monitoring through regular reporting on incidents and requests


Unified endpoint management
To securely access corporate data and applications

  • Centrally manage any device, any OS, any form factor, with any mobile network operator
  • Device configuration, application distribution and security for mobile and desktop
  • Conditional access to cloud services, single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA)




Boost your performance

You don't have to have mobile contracts with Orange Business for the model to work. We can provide MSI orchestration for any mobile operators and service provider contracts in an agnostic way, as long as we have full authority to work on your behalf. Let our experts handle the complexity of your multi-local mobile services.

Simplified mobility management
Single point of contact, ownership and control for mobile services, while retaining the flexibility to choose the best suppliers around the globe.

Improved operational efficiency
Streamlined management of mobile resources and capacity with a centralized help desk, reducing the number of tickets issued and the time for issue resolution.

Increased visibility and control
Central visibility on costs and mobile traffic monitoring so you better understand your usage. Commercial and vendor performance is tracked on your behalf.


Consistent governance and processes
Centralized procedures ensure all your contracts are properly implemented and service levels are monitored.

Reduced cost and increased value
MSI processes remove overhead duplication and tool costs, while creating value by identifying any savings opportunities.

Safe and secure business activity
Unified Endpoint Management by Orange enables secure access to corporate data and apps with any device, OS or mobile network operator for better productivity and user privacy.



Multisourcing Service Integration for Mobility

Centrally manage enterprise mobile connectivity spend and performance

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MSI: simplifying your multisourced environment

Enjoy increased efficiency, agility and cost savings.

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