Business VPN Galerie – a secure access to the Cloud via the VPN

Business VPN Galerie provides you with a secure access to your Cloud Service Providers via your corporate Business VPN, without touching the Public Internet. Your connection to the cloud benefits from the same security, reliability and performance levels than your Business VPN. This connection is fully managed 24*7 by Orange in coordination with Cloud Service Providers.

Orange Business Services manages the connection to your Cloud services

With Business VPN Galerie, your cloud applications and IT infrastructures are accessible directly from your private network, ensuring end-to-end security and performance from your sites to the Cloud Service Providers.

Enjoy VPN-like performance when accessing your cloud applications

- Enjoy predictable performance, the same as for your Business VPN.
- Enjoy best performance whatever the time of the day.
- Optimize further your traffic with Galerie acceleration solutions based on EAM Riverbed & Infovista Network Boost.

Get a secure access to your cloud applications

Your sites, traffic & data are not exposed to the Public Internet.

Enjoy high availability supported by high Service Level Agreements

Oranges Business Services commits to 100% Galerie availability and 4-hour Guaranteed-Time-To-Repair.

Enjoy flexibility of the cloud & cost savings

No need to invest in additional equipments or circuits.

Galerie Partners in your VPN

Business VPN Galerie provides access to cloud services provided by either Orange Business Services itself: Flexible Engine, Flexible Computing Advanced, Flexible Identity Authentication, Flexible Storage, IoT Connect Advanced, Open Videopresence FE, VisionsConnected. or by our partners:

Best-of-brand technology partners

To accelerate & optimize your cloud traffic, Business VPN Galerie integrates EAM Riverbed & Infovista Network Boost.