Effectively orchestrate your customer experience

At Orange Business, we embrace a global and harmonious approach to customer experience. By synchronizing all human and digital touchpoints, you can deliver a consistent, personalized experience at every stage of the customer journey. Understanding individual preferences and orchestrating all customer interactions enables you to respond effectively and reinforce customer satisfaction and loyalty, while optimizing internal processes for greater overall efficiency.

Digital, omnichannel and cognitive customer experience

Explore a transformative, omnichannel journey and build a trusted, secured and personalized customer experience.

From digital channels to digital omnipresence

Beyond physical and voice channels, generate a digital presence for all activities and ensure a consistent customer experience across all contact points. Develop your use of data to enhance these interactions.

Offering high-end, hyper-personalized service

Create value from customer data by integrating real-time analytics with AI for responsive customer journeys across all touchpoints. Ensure that hyper-personalization scale with exemplary performance.

Securing the customer experience with trust and transparency

Guarantee that all personalization efforts comply with privacy and data protection requirements. The security and reliability of payment processes, in particular, increase customer confidence in your business.

Reinforcing customer and employee commitment

The continuity and transparency of the customer experience are strongly correlated with the ability of employees to interact with the same ease. Simplifying and orchestrating interactions to streamline processes improves efficiency and relational relevance.

Successfully balancing automation and human interaction

Seamlessly integrate digital tools to take advantage of the benefits of human touch and technology in the customer experience. Analyze conversations to better automate interactions and generate more value.

How we can help

ACE - Concentrez-vous sur une expérience client omnicanale et cognitive

Cognitive omnichannel customer experience

Focus on omni-channel marketing to improve customer satisfaction and cognitive experience to increase responsiveness.

ACE - Complétez l'omniprésence digitale et la création de valeur par la donnée

Digital omnipresence and data value creation

Transform your business with digital omnipresence and the power of data for an exceptional, personalized customer experience.

ACE - Valorisez l'interaction humaine au bon moment

Human interaction at the right time

Put people at the heart of your CX strategy. Gauging emotions and responses help you deliver the right balance of technology and human contact.

Orange Business elevates the customer experience

  • Partnerships, expertise and experience
  • Value and results-oriented
  • 287 million customers
  • Sensitive data handled with confidence
Partnerships, expertise and experience

Partnerships, expertise and experience

Our unique ecosystem of partners and the continuous development of our skills make Orange Business the ideal player for the integration of technologies, such as Adobe, Microsoft Dynamics, NICE, Genesys, etc.


Value and results-oriented

With knowledge at the heart of the customer experience, our specific skills in data management, governance and architecture change the traditional approach to focus on creating value for all stakeholders.

287 million clients

287 million customers

Every day, we work to improve the customer and employee experience. Our solutions are implemented to effectively manage customer relationships and accelerate relational relevance through advanced technologies.

Sensitive data handled with confidence

We offer trusted solutions and services to ensure compliance, protection, reliability and resilience in every country where we operate.

Our customers testify to the transformation of their customer experience

illustration testimonial

Nelly Blanquet, Customer Relations Quality Manager at Vendée Habitat

"This tool is a real time-saver for the teams in the office. It allows them to access information more rapidly, which means they can be more pro-active when responding to tenants."
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Antti Koskelin, Chief Information Officer, KONE

"Orange Business is playing an important role in helping us with our digital transformation by migrating our contact center solution to the cloud. This will further enhance our customer experience and pave the way for further innovation in our customer service."
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Magali Massa, Marketing Director and Manager, Avatacar.com

"The Orange Business teams really helped us to take stock of our daily work and managed to adapt perfectly to our company."
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