Migrate to the cloud with a customized private, public or hybrid IaaS solution

  • Cloud Infrastructure Solutions
    Improve agility, resilience and performance with the cloud
    • Prioritize your business needs with infrastructure-as-a-service solutions: public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud
    • Ensure high availability and strong security guarantees with our cloud solutions
    • Take advantage of the latest technologies and advanced features


Ensure safe and reliable access to your cloud

  • Galerie
    Enable secure access to cloud services via your VPN or SD-WAN
    • Access a wide range of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions
    • Ensure reliable and secure connectivity
    • Keep your IT simple, flexible and cost effective


Delegate the management of your cloud assets to optimize their performance

  • Managed Applications
    Delegate the operation of IT solutions and business-critical applications on any public cloud platform
    • Delegate the daily management of your cloud infrastructure and applications
    • Benefit from end-to-end support, from definition to operation
    • Optimize IT costs, and spend more time on innovation


Successfully migrate to the cloud with expert advice and follow-up from Orange

  • Professional Services
    Ensure your digital IT transformation success with end-to-end support from Orange's cloud experts
    • Evaluate your maturity to switch to the cloud
    • Adopt the right migration strategy for your applications
    • Build innovate solutions optimized for cloud hosting
  • Multi-Cloud Managed Services
    Deploy the power of multi-cloud to develop your business
    • Create your multi-cloud strategy
    • Manage your multi-cloud environment
    • Optimize your multi-cloud strategy