Our unique blend of expertise

Rely on our know-how as a network and digital integrator and our extensive experience in next-generation connectivity solutions to make your digital transformation efficient and sustainable.

Unrivaled mastery of secure, modular infrastructures

Connectivity, cloud and cybersecurity make up the foundation of any digital infrastructure. Our strength in these areas and our proficiency in integrating digital architecture make us the right choice to orchestrate your entire digital infrastructure.


Businesses worldwide recognize our leadership in connectivity. Our global network is already one of the most virtualized, enabling us to leverage our partnerships and offer differentiating network services.


More than 2,600 cloud experts are available to deliver a broad range of cloud infrastructure services. Through our 70 data centers, we ensure 24/7 security and performance for your applications worldwide.


With 2,500 Orange Cyberdefense security experts, we place cybersecurity at the heart of our customers’ activities. Our motto: Powered by Orange Business, Secured by Orange Cyberdefense.
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This expertise empowers us to seamlessly orchestrate and safeguard your digital framework end to end, leveraging our portfolio of digitalized, scalable, on-demand infrastructure services.
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Taking support to the next level

Compagnies are undertaking an extensive digital transformation, accelerated by health and geopolitical crises, can rely on us-we understand the complexities you face.

That’s why our support goes far beyond consulting: we build, deliver, operate and manage complex and global digital infrastructure with value creation enabled by digital technology at the core.

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Taking digital services further

You need excellent digital services to complement your digital infrastructure. Our capabilities in management and digital services integration are among the best in the world.

Digital Services France and Digital Services Europe bring together 4,000 experts in Data and AI, specializing in data governance and operations. You can count on us for all your digital-services needs, like increasing employee productivity or enhancing customer experience. 

Customized solutions as unique as your business

Your business is always evolving, so we design our end-to-end solutions to meet your constantly changing needs, anticipating your customers’ expectations and your business requirements.

Make your digital transformation efficient and sustainable

The rigor of a network and connectivity expert along with the agility of a global digital solutions integrator sets us apart from other providers.
Our people and our partners, major players in their own fields, are powerful assets in helping you move your business forward. Our ambition is to be the leading European network and digital integrator.
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