Orange Business holds a unique and distinctive position in the business world because of our expertise as a network carrier and as a digital services company. To meet our customers' expectations and, particularly, their changing needs following the COVID-19 crisis, we have put our focus on five value propositions with end-to-end solutions. These value propositions are supported by our digitized and secure infrastructure, which combines networks, cloud and security using our unique know how, and by our data and AI expertise.

Workplace Together: Reinventing ways of working and the employee experience

The world of work is changing at a rapid pace. We help our clients embrace new tools and ways of working to enable them become inclusive, efficient and resilient organizations. The concepts of work time and work place have been profoundly changed. Today, a hybrid-work policy and the way in which a company equips its staff are the factors that define the company as an employer.


Why us?
We help you create the most suitable work environment for your employees to promote satisfaction and productivity. From equipment to collaborative suites and business applications, our broad portfolio of solutions and our extensive ecosystem of technology partners enable us to assemble the most suitable elements to meet your specific needs. To do this, we rely on our expertise in these key areas:

  • Our consulting capabilities to ensure that we start with the users' needs and design the best solution
  • Our capability as an integrator, which requires advanced technical skills and strong partnerships to make it work
  • Our experience in providing support services to managers and users. As a recognized leader in cloud, connectivity and cyberdefense, we are uniquely positioned to ensure end-to-end quality of service for our solutions
    At Orange Business, we believe that the value of an organization is created wherever its employees work together, whether that's a physical or a virtual space. That's why we call our portfolio of workplace solutions Workplace Together.

Our teams
We rely on 800 expert integrators of communications and collaboration solutions.



Smart industry: Meeting your industrial and operational challenges to deliver business outcomes

The industrial world is facing many challenges that are accelerating the need for digital transformation of their operational processes: post-pandemic issues (logistic disruptions and scarcity of expertise), geopolitics (data sovereignty) and sustainable growth have been added to the "classic" need to continually improve operational processes. Today, the support provided by governments and the European Union for the development of sustainable projects, as well as the maturity of technologies such as 5G and IoT, is giving new impetus to the digitalization of industry.


Why us?
We respond specifically to each of the challenges related to the digital transformation of industry:

  • Production process improvement: our solutions combine components from both our portfolio and our partners' portfolios for greater process automation, better performance, enhanced employee safety and better services for your own customers
  • Innovation and compliance: with the development of connected services throughout the entire production chain
  • Data security: the security of a manufacturer's data is often critical. As a leader in cybersecurity, we are well positioned to help our industrial clients with a safe and secure transformation to digital
  • Infrastructure modernization: we address your need to replace aging network infrastructures with our broad portfolio of infrastructure solutions, including mobile private networks, managed OT/IT gateway services and cloud infrastructure services
  • We are a global player that operates locally, delivering solutions for industrial sites and replicating it globally
    As an infrastructure and systems integrator, we are able to support all the phases (analyze, build and execution) of an end-to-end industry transformation project.

Our teams
We rely on 700 developers, integrators and digital and IoT experts.




Augmented customer experience: Developing efficiency and personalized customer relationships

In a world where brand loyalty is based on the customer experience, staying in touch and creating value for your customers (or residents) is a necessity. This is especially true in the wake of the pandemic: sales channels and customer experience have been turned completely upside down, and now more than half of all sales are made online or by phone. In this context of rapidly accelerating digital transformation, how can you reinvent the customer relationship? The answer lies in data, which is the perfect tool for getting to know your customers better. This new insight will enable you to develop the new, innovative services that your customers want and even anticipate their expectations, while also accelerating your customer-journey strategy.


Why us?
For more than 40 years, we've been helping the Orange Group and other companies and organizations to implement personalized customer relationships that balance digital and human processes, while unleashing the power of data to improve customer knowledge and satisfaction. Our customer experience (CX) expertise includes:

  • CX business consulting skills transformation through innovative omnichannel strategies
  • Integrator/operator expertise on top of our multicloud vendor approach
  • CX developer skills for better customization of your CX/EX applications
  • PCI DSS network capability integrated with our partners' solutions, which can turn your contact center into a profit center
  • Global reach and local care capabilities in 220 countries and territories to make your CX project borderless and compliant with local regulations



IA and analytics transformation: Building data-centric business models

We consider data to have value in itself and are firmly convinced of the value of a data-centric business model. To this end, we support businesses and organizations in their digital transformation and in creating value from data. When we talk about data, we mean all data – internal data generated by customers, external data (especially from IoT) and, of course, data that we can provide.


Why us?

  • Every day, we help our customers use their data to grow and stay ahead by: optimizing their businesses by improving their operational efficiency; accelerating their growth through a better understanding of their customers; controlling risks by anticipating them; and finally, by innovating – changing the way they work and offering new services
  • We are one of the few players who can provide value throughout all stages of the data journey, from assessment to connectivity to the most advanced digital services, IoT, cybersecurity, cloud, digital and data analytics
  • As a digital services company ourselves, we produce and manage massive amounts of data. By leveraging the network data of the Orange Group, we position data right at the heart of our value proposition

Our teams
We rely on 3,900 data and artificial intelligence experts.




Evolution Platform: Implementing secure digital transformation

We provide digital infrastructures so that you can transport, store and secure data around the world and thus give your employees the best possible user experience. It is our expertise in all elements of the architecture – security, connectivity and cloud, including our agile operational models and our large ecosystem of partners – that makes us the best partner for our customers.


Why us?

  • We play an important infrastructure strategy-consulting role for our customers. Each businesses' digital transformation is unique, so we work with you to ensure that your digital platform is robust enough to deliver the best-quality customer experience, a smooth employee journey and efficient business operations
  • As most digital building blocks today are based on cloud-native delivery models, we bring our expertise to help in this transformation, from the migration of applications to the cloud, to DEvSecOps solutions and site reliability engineering (SRE)
  • By combining our cloud and connectivity expertise, we simplify and automate end-to-end enterprise networking in the cloud era
  • We deliver connectivity and security convergence for an unparalleled, secure digital experience regardless of your end users' locations
  • Our secure cloud connectivity platform and our ability to deliver high-performance Internet connections through our global network infrastructure are at the heart of our customers' application performance, wherever they are in the world

Our teams
We rely on 2,500 Orange Cyberdefense experts, 5,500 SDx experts and 2,600 cloud experts.