Our philosophy

We strongly believe that every technological advance must be useful to man, society and the planet. We defend an ethical, responsible and inclusive vision of digital technology. We are committed to the environment and the sustainable growth of our customers, which we have placed at the center of our strategic plan Engage 2025.


Committed to the environment

We work to promote more sustainable digital technology and make all efforts to reduce our own CO2 emissions.

The Green Act program

In 2020, we launched the Green Act, a program to encourage the entire company and its stakeholders to place environmental issues at the heart of their processes and activities.


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Our commitment in figures

2  "green" data centers

50% of returned routers are reconditioned and reused

46% of our offices certified ISO 14001

16% green energy in our consumption

Source: 2020 data


Promoting a responsible economy

Our services allow our clients to reduce their own environmental footprints.

The crisis has allowed us to test teleworking on a large scale and prove that it can significantly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted in urban transport.

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things (IoT) can help reduce the consumption of water and chemicals in agriculture, optimize traffic and parking in large cities and reduce energy consumption of heating and cooling systems, for example.

The crisis showed us that some trips can be avoided by using collaborative tools, such as video and web conferencing.

Employee engagement
Orange Consulting offers advice and support services for employees in the development of skills and new ways of working. Orange Cyberdefense provides a comprehensive range of team awareness and training modules.


Orange ranked among the top 1% of eco-responsible companies by EcoVadis.

Source: EcoVadis 2020 ranking


Building a trusted company


Respect and protection of your data
Having responsible business practices for a digital enterprise, such as Orange Business, first and foremost means that we guarantee the confidentiality and security of your personal data, two areas where we have a real advantage thanks to our Orange Cyberdefense and Digital & Data entities.

Ethics and anti-corruption policy
We are committed to conducting our business with transparency and integrity, in line with the Group’s Code of Ethics; this is complemented by our Anti-Corruption Policy, with a zero-tolerance policy regarding corruption in all our activities and throughout the Group. 100% of our purchase contracts include a CSR clause.

Ethical approach to data and AI
We support initiatives to promote ethical and reasoned use of artificial intelligence and data, for example, the AI Impact think tank, created in 2018 with Microsoft and other players in the French digital ecosystem and the Arborus International Charter for Inclusive Artificial Intelligence signed in April 2020.

of our employees have completed GDPR training

Source: Orange 2020 data


Artificial Intelligence:
Stay in control of your future!

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Working for digital equality

Training open to professionals and students


Orange Campus
Professional training open to students and professionals alike, focused on digital expertise in data and AI, cybersecurity, management and soft skills.
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Data School
Our Data School is focused on the new professions of data engineer and data scientist, which today hire 40% women.

Orange Cyberdefense Academy
Within the framework of our Orange Campus, this unique program combines a permanent position with a five-year tertiary degree.

of the managers at Orange Business are women


Diversity and gender equality

We believe that diversity and gender equality at all levels of the company are powerful levers for economic performance and employee well-being. One of our priorities is to increase the number of women in technical and digital professions where women are currently under-represented.

By 2025, our objective is to reach:

  • 25% women in technical and digital fields
  • 35% women in positions of responsibility
  • Equal pay between men and women in comparable situations


E-waste management

We have a very strong commitment to reduce electronic waste (e-waste). With that in mind, it is a top priority to take back products we sold and destroy them in a safe manner. Read more about our E-waste Management program in India.

Orange is named a Top Employer Global 2021

For the 6th consecutive year, 13 countries within Orange Business are certified as a Top Employer.

As a digital and caring employer, we wish to offer our employees an outstanding employee experience:

  • Diversity
  • Digitalization
  • Work-life balance
  • Learning and development
  • Equal opportunities
  • Inclusion for disabilities