The pace of digital change is accelerating. You need to be able to use data as a key corporate asset to power employees' real-time business workflows and customer interactions. Secure, high-speed connectivity is essential.
Network performance

State-of-the-art indicators to measure Wide-Area-Network performances are Round Trip Delay (RTD), Packet Loss Ratio (PLR) and Jitter. View the latest performance between the primary Orange Business Services points of presence worldwide.


Your network should help you grow your business


Mix and match enhanced Internet and secure private WAN access links with the option of satellite and 3/4G mobile in hard-to-reach places.
Ensure performance for your end users, even with high bandwidth demands.
Keep your network up and running at any given time.
Increase network usage without increasing costs. Cost control is key in effective organizations.

Boost employee productivity and customer-centricity with end-to-end application and network performance visibility and control.
Companies evolve, and your network needs to facilitate the changes in your business processes.
Your network must provide perfect conditions for voice and data.
Let your network enable growth as you align your applications with your business priorities.

Orange-managed security devices in 160 countries and territories


CyberSOCs that bring together the best expertise in threat analysis

Protect yourself from threats at, within and beyond your network borders with our multi-layered cyberdefense solutions.
Use top-of-market software to ensure that your business has unrestricted, end-to-end, secure connectivity.
Allow your employees to access your network securely, whether they are in the office or on the move.

Ensure you can quickly support new digital business workflows and customer interaction channels using our network-as-a-service enabled by SDN/NFV.
Provision, configure and manage your network from a centralized command-and-control ecosystem.
Scale your network at any rate you require.


Reduce costs with flexible networking

Design a business-oriented infrastructure
Connect your global offices seamlessly with our flexible, programmable SDN (software-defined networking) ecosystem.
Let us assess the compliance of your security policy.
Enhance productivity with seamless global collaboration.
Facilitate business expansion with fast, secure bandwidth increases.

Build the network for your future
Integrate your highly variable cloud, big data, IoT and mobile workloads into our hybrid environment.
We’re working with best-of-breed partners to build our next-generation network-as-a-service portfolio, using SDN and NFV (network functions virtualization).

Protect your data from threats
Our multi-layered security protects your most valuable assets within and beyond our network.
We align your security architecture with your governance and risk management policy.
Simplify network management with a centrally managed security platform.

SOCs around the world monitoring and responding to events 24/7/365


Network services to promote business growth


Connect your business

Easy Go Network
100% digital, software-defined networking (SDN) in 75 countries

Business VPN
The foundation for your communications, supporting voice, data, video and all business applications on MPLS IP

International Ethernet Link
Worldwide high-speed, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity

IoT Managed Global Connectivity
Empower your IoT devices

Optimize your network

Network Boost
Control, accelerate and guarantee the performance of critical applications

Enterprise Application Management Riverbed
Faster, predictable and more productive application experience, regardless of the network

Content Delivery Network Solutions
Optimize and manage website performance, accelerate applications and deliver digital media securely

Consulting Services
Industry experience, a rigorous framework and a practical mindset


Business VPN Galerie
Cloud services on a secure virtual private network

Business VPN Internet
The best of WAN and Internet, the security and performance that business needs


A global network is enabling Halliburton to accelerate and expand

"As we re-structured our business and entered new markets, often in remote locations, Orange consistently delivered a high-quality network service that helped us deliver our products and service to our clients."

Ken Braud, Senior Vice President & CIO, Halliburton


Experts and solutions dedicated to security, committed to you



Our enriched hybrid portfolio provides the flexibility, performance, reliability and security required by your highly variable cloud, big data, IoT and mobile workloads within budget at any time, on any device, anywhere in the world.


We’re working with best-of-breed partners to build our next generation network-as-a-service portfolio, using software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV).

This will enable you to up-scale and down-scale resources on demand and give you centralized visibility and control over every element of your network today and in the future.


Orange Business Services was positioned in the Leaders quadrant in the Gartner "Magic Quadrant for Network Services, Global."

The report evaluated 12 network service providers on their ability to execute and the completeness of their vision. Orange Business Services was positioned the highest along the "ability to execute" axis.