Flux Vision: improve your customer knowledge

Would you like to evaluate the attractiveness of alternative locations and understand how people move around in any given geographic area?

The use of mobile networks by millions of people in each country generates huge amounts of data about their geographic location, calling and messaging as well as certain behavior patterns. This mobile "big data" – when aggregated, anonymized and analyzed – can provide valuable, actionable and powerful information.

Flux Vision, our mobile data analytics solution, provides statistic indicators of attendance, patterns of movements and segmentation information based on technical information from the Orange mobile network.

A customized offer based on your industry

The algorithms used by Flux Vision guarantee irreversible anonymization by deleting all personal data and making it impossible to identify people individually or to trace people individually in any direct or indirect way. These exclusive algorithms are the result of several years of research and comply with the recommendations of the CNIL and the GDPR.

Transport/Territory + Solaris Train
Adapt infrastructure size or services according to passengers’ movements

Retail/Media + Solaris Buy
Identify the best locations based on visitors’ profiles

Tourism/Event + Solaris Camera
Analyze seasonality flows and the impacts of events



Digital solution

  • No logistics or field presence
  • Local-level data
  • Availability in various EU and MEA countries
  • Reduced time and costs (compared to traditional surveys)

Adapted to your needs

  • Various indicators of flows, mobility and socio-demographic profiles
  • Distinction between national and international visitors
  • Customized options to enhance your efficiency


Results in one click

  • Studies available on a secure, dedicated web portal
  • Interactive statistics visualization in Microsoft Power BI or CSV format




They already trust us

"We wanted to have a more precise visibility of tourists' geographical origin and also a better understanding of their movements within the valley.”

Mathieu Dechavanne, Compagnie du Mont Blanc Director


Flux Vision web portal

All your reports are accessible on the secure, dedicated Flux Vision web portal.

  • Interactive view in Microsoft Power BI format
  • Download reports in CSV format