To help enterprises get the most out of SASE, Orange Business has extended its partnership with Palo Alto Networks to offer integrated Prisma SD-WAN with Prisma Access for global enterprises.

Prisma SD-WAN is a next-generation SD-WAN solution that simplifies management with automation using machine learning and data science to enable app-defined SD-WAN policies and deliver a secure, cloud-connected solution. Prisma Access provides a network of cloud-based, advanced security solutions that secures enterprise traffic on a global scale. As a network-native digital services company with best-in-class security capabilities, Orange Business can deliver this integrated SASE solution today.

Orange Business is both a Palo Alto 2021 “NextWave Diamond Innovator Partner” as well as an inaugural “Networks Prisma SASE Specialized Partner.”

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Your journey to SASE

Your journey to SASE

Delivering security everywhere on the Secure Access Service Edge path

In this paper, Orange Business teams up with Palo Alto Networks to reflect on what SASE brings to enterprises and how they can accelerate their SASE journey through this partnership.

We also examine how enterprises can implement a proactive SASE strategy that targets individual business outcomes, identifying dependencies and priorities to aid in driving success.


What does SASE mean for the enterprise?


Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) continues to make daily headlines, but what does it really mean for the enterprise?

SASE continues to make daily headlines

Learn how SASE is driving this evolution and the inter-dependency between the SOC and NOC emerging from IT/OT established boundaries and how Orange Business and Palo Alto Networks are delivering answers together and will share some insights on what lies ahead in this technology landscape.

Watch this webinar replay and discover how the convergence of next-generation security and networking is enabling real solutions in the complex ecosystem of cloud service providers.

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Global mining company rapidly moves workforce to home working
SASE: the convergence of network access and enhanced security

Co-authors: Marc Schlesinger, Regional VP Strategic Partnerships at Orange Business Americas and Bret Harrison, Regional VP Service Provider at Palo Alto Networks

The concept of traditional perimeter network security is no longer viable in today’s hyper-distributed world. Employees transact and perform their work in the cloud, accessing data and applications any time, any place. This digital transformation, cloud adoption, and more movement to remote work have softened physical perimeters.

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Global mining company rapidly moves workforce to home working
What is SASE, and why is now the right time to adopt it?

Co-authors: Alan Simpkins, Senior Director of Cybersecurity at Orange Business Americas and Jason Georgi, Field CTO, Prisma Access at Palo Alto Networks

The unprecedented times we live in have accelerated digital transformation initiatives and increased business appetite for the cloud. As a result, users, applications and data have become increasingly distributed and mobile, challenging traditional enterprise perimeter security. Safeguarding this new distributed and mobile edge is a top priority, and this is exactly what a Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution addresses.

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Managed SASE Solution: Delivering a SASE solution centered on business value and user experience
Managed SASE solution: delivering a SASE solution centered on business value and user experience

Speakers: Kumar Ramachandran, SVP, Palo Alto Networks speaking with Sam Nchinda, VP Solutions, and Orange Business.

In this podcast episode, dive into the value of SASE in supporting a hybrid workforce, cloud and digital transformation. Our speakers talk about how combining the industry's most complete SASE solution with managed cybersecurity services can help organizations accelerate their SASE adoption plans.

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SASE: the digital business enabler for your workforce

SASE: the digital business enabler for your workforce

This is a time of unprecedented change for organizations as they shift their services to the cloud and their employees become more dispersed. To support this new model, the Internet is becoming the new corporate network.

Traditional network-centric security architecture is too complex to handle this new paradigm. It is becoming a bottleneck that inhibits digital business needs. It’s time for a new security architecture.

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SASE: The future of networks and security has arrived

SASE: The future of networks and security has arrived

With the increasing use of multicloud, apps, users and data are everywhere. This distributed landscape means that traditional perimeter networking and security are no longer workable. At the same time, cyber threats across the network are becoming harder to spot, and attacks are becoming significantly more sophisticated.  

Learn how Orange Business and Palo Alto Networks together provide a software-defined edge and cybersecurity solution for a distributed world.

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Global mining company rapidly moves workforce to home working
Palo Alto Networks: our partner for protecting information and systems from cyber threats

Orange Business is delighted to be an inaugural Palo Alto Networks Prisma SASE Specialized Partner. The Palo Alto Networks security operating platform was designed to help our clients’ teams operate simply and efficiently to protect their organizations. It prevents successful attacks, including attacks in progress, to secure the enterprise, the cloud and the future. Built for simplicity, these tightly integrated innovations are easy to operate, delivering consistent protection across network, cloud and mobile users.

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Together with Palo Alto Networks, Orange can design, operate, monitor and fully integrate your SASE model end-to-end, including:

  • Prisma SD-WAN
  • Prisma Access
  • Prisma Cloud
  • Strata
  • Cortex

The next generation of Network and Security

SASE will provide:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost savings
  • Reduced complexity
  • Increased performance
  • Zero Trust
  • Threat prevention
  • Data protection

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Network and security in a single cloud solution

SASE is a networking and security model first outlined by Gartner. It supports cloud-focused organizations by merging networking and network security services into a single, cloud-delivered solution.

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