Our innovation strategy

Putting all our assets at our customers' disposal


Accelerating innovation by leveraging the resources of a worldwide group

million euros dedicated to research and innovation

start-ups supported

Co-building the future with start-ups and B2B stakeholders

research partnerships with laboratories and universities

patents in our portfolio

Co-developing with our employees and technological and industrial partners

employees dedicated to research and innovation

researchers around the world


Our co-innovation programs


In France, Orange brings together companies from multiple sectors to jointly develop and test future uses of 5G. With 5G, the data journey is becoming instantaneous, and this brings big possibilities for innovation in a diverse range of applications from manufacturing to sports stadiums.

At Orange Business Services, we place our customers at the heart of an open ecosystem orchestrated with them and bringing together the right players to develop solutions that quickly deliver value. The heart of our innovation lies in the evolution of use and the ability to assemble the right solutions combined with the best technical solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

We are developing innovative solutions to enable businesses to meet their current and future challenges and to innovate on their own.

of companies across all sectors are experimenting with, or have already deployed, co-innovation programs.


Our 5G success stories

5G – transforming sports
5G, edge computing, AI and extended reality (AR/VR) will transform the sports experience

5G network slicing for the auto industry
Augmented reality displays can help drivers spot hazards


Spaces dedicated to co-innovation with our partners and customers


At Orange Business Services, we have several locations dedicated to open innovation. Many are unique to us, such as our brand new Customer Innovation Center at Cœur Défense in Paris, France.

Others are available via the Group, such as the Orange Gardens eco-campus, Villa Bonne-Nouvelle in Paris and the Villa Occitanie in Toulouse, which is also a regional partner of start-ups with strong business potential for our Group.

A brand new location, The Square, is planned in Rennes for employees, customers and partners to share knowledge and work differently. Internationally, we also have a Showroom in Dubai and Hello Labs worldwide.

Customer Innovation Center
in La Défense

380 m2
workspace, meeting and presentation spaces
80 demos
industry, agriculture, hotels, etc.

The Orange Business Services Customer Innovation Center is dedicated to innovation