Anticipate the latest threats 

  • Managed Vunerability Intelligence [watch]
    Protect your business from security vulnerabilities
    • Entrust Orange to monitor all of the latest known vulnerabilities
    • Scan your information systems to detect vulnerabilities
    • Control the security level of your information systems with penetration tests


Deploy the right technology and continually manage it to keep your organization secure

  • Flexible Identity Authentication
    Implement best-of-breed authentication and adaptive access control
    • Protect your resources with highly secured encryption and architecture
    • Choose from our wide range of authenticators to fit all your needs
    • Enjoy strong service commitments
  • Managed DDoS Protection
    Protect your activities from denial-of-service attacks
    • Anticipate attacks through weak signals and adapt in real time
    • Avoid interruption for your resources and Internet access
    • Leverage our dedicated experts 24/7
  • Web Protection Suite
    Control and safeguard Internet use with global, cloud-based security
    • Control Internet usage, and clean up browsing traffic
    • Navigate without worry no matter where you are on any device
    • Ensure secure remote access to internal applications
  • Email Protection Suite
    Secure your corporate email from malware and ransomware attacks
    • Protect your business activity with Cisco's market-leading technology
    • Ensure the availability and the accuracy of messaging
    • Easily install and manage the solution
  • Secure Gateway
    Protect your data and corporate networks with a comprehensive suite of security services
    • Control Internet use
    • Protect your information systems against threats
    • Ensure business continuity
  • Mobile Threat Protection
    Protect your mobile devices from threats
    • Proactively detect and eliminate all known and unknown threats
    • Monitor your device security in real time through an admin portal
    • Deploy fast, and run simply
  • Flexible Security Platform
    Protect your inbound and outbound traffic with a fully customizable, next-generation firewall
    • Filter and clean up your traffic flows with comprehensive web browsing protection
    • Manage and adjust your security in real time using a customized portal
    • Pay per use for a fully modular and transparent service
  • Flexible Applications Access
    Allow remote users to access your information systems simply and securely
    • Securely and easily access your information systems in any situation
    • Easily manage access rights autonomously and in real time
    • Benefit from end-to-end support with strong service availability commitments
  • Managed Secure Access
    Secure and consolidate all your access with a single solution
    • Protect and control access of remote users to internal resources
    • Secure your users’ access to the Internet and SaaS applications wherever they are
    • Control access to your cloud resources

Detect and respond

Detect threats and respond effectively to attacks

  • Incident Response
    Contain and remediate cyberattacks
    • Investigate suspicious behaviors on your information systems
    • React promptly and efficiently to any cyberattacks
    • Prevent cyberattacks
  • Threat Detection (Bespoke)
    Detect and advise against known and unknown threats with customized solutions and SOC support
    • Fight threats via log monitoring, behavior analysis and SOC live action
    • Ensure infrastructure, mobile, cloud and IoT security
    • Choose the right configuration for your business with expert advice
  • Security Event Intelligence
    Preserve your business through SIEM-based threat detection
    • Ensure continuous monitoring to detect any suspicious activities
    • Leverage our analysts to qualify alerts and not waste time on false positives
    • Benefit from actionable recommendations to neutralize real cyberattacks
  • Web Content Protection
    Keep your business safe with an end-to-end, managed cloud security solution integrated with your Business VPN
    • Enforce one unified web browsing security policy everywhere in real time
    • Address your global growth with a cost-effective, scalable solution
    • Ensure real-time threat visibility and control using a single interface