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Laurent Aufils

As a digital services company, the skills and expertise of our people are at the heart of our ethical, responsible and inclusive business model. We offer exciting opportunities for talented individuals in a flexible work environment that supports real work-life balance. By working together in a culture where every voice is heard, we help individuals create a positive impact and deliver sustainable growth for our customers.

Laurent Aufils, Director of Human Resources and Employee Experience, Orange Business


Working at Orange Business


We speak the same language

It can sometimes be difficult to explain to the people around you what you do in the It & tech industry... But luckily, at Orange Business, we all speak the same language – the language of success.


Innovate and be Change Makers

Do you want to make a difference? We offer many programs that can help you jump start your career and become a catalyst for change, including advanced skills courses and mentoring programs.

Be yourself in a diverse, global community

Our innovative culture encourages individuality and imagination, which are key in building a more inclusive and sustainable workplace where everyone can create a positive impact.

Develop and grow with us

Explore exciting career paths and enrich your business and technical experience. We can help you reach your full potential and your career ambitions within a trusted, diverse environment. This is your place to showcase your talents and collaborate with your peers in a connected world.

Feel good

Enjoy a safe, healthy and respectful environment where you can flourish and achieve a good work-life balance, all voices are heard, and everyone feels like they belong.

Trust and be trusted

Our company is a community built on collaboration, sharing of ideas and trust. We truly listen to every employee, and value everyone’s contributions.


Your career is virtually limitless at Orange Business. As you gain experience, you’ll find opportunities that you may have never even dreamed of. We believe that everyone should be able to realize their dreams and their potential.


Climb the ladder to success

Aliette started her career at Orange as an intern. Today, she’s the CEO of Orange Business. Discover her story.




We're attentive to the needs of all our employees

Grow and build an exciting and rewarding career in an environment of trust and diversity, where everyone works together to create a positive impact.


We offer a healthy and respectful work environment in which all of our employees can flourish and achieve a good work-life balance…an environment where their voices are heard and listened to, and where everyone feels at home.

More than just a work-from-home policy, our "hybrid ways of working" program centers on a truly collaborative corporate culture. We work together to create positive impact for our customers. We trust our managers and employees to organize how and where they work to both improve the quality of life for individuals and maintain team spirit while reducing our carbon footprint.


Best workplace for

By 2025, our goal is to have women in 35% of our management positions and 25% of our technical roles. We closely monitor these indicators and share them regularly with full transparency.

In France, 25% of managers are women (up 3% since 2020), and we are proud to have women comprising 43% (up 1%) of the Orange Business management team.

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Best workplace for
diversity and inclusion

We are proud of our versatile environment where employees can thrive and fulfill their dreams. And it's not just us saying that. MIXITY gives us an 89% score for overall impact in diversity and inclusion. That's more than 4 points higher than other businesses in our industry and more than 15 points higher than all types of businesses combined. In the highest sub-scores, we scored 95% for disability, 94% for LGBTQ+, and 93% for gender.

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Our ambition is to become the best workplace for women

Orange Business is dedicated to providing equal opportunities to women, whether its in management or tech roles. Our ‘’En Avant Toutes’’ personal development program for women is a concrete example of how we support women to create more impact and enjoy a vibrant career path.


En Avant Toutes: Advice for women starting out in tech

En Avant Toutes: Is there a before/after?


Sandra Siméon

Disability in the workplace: successful integration is everyone's business

Sandra Siméon, Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Orange Business, supports 290 employees with disabilities. She shares her experience and advice on how to strengthen the inclusion of employees and help change the way people look at disability.

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The environment is at the heart of our activities

With the Green Act, we are committed to putting the environment at the heart of our digital conception. Everyone throughout our organization is engaged in this mission every day.



Employee testimonials

Employee testimonials

Our friendly and welcoming culture is nourished by our diverse team of supportive managers. At Orange Business, you'll find plenty of great choices for growth opportunities and advancement.

We care about our employees and always keep the door open to our alumni, and many of them do return. So, to all our friends and former colleagues who may wish to reconnect with us, the door is always open. And for those who haven't yet connected and might be hesitating to do so: have no doubt, we’re all ears.



Join our unique team of more than 29,100 employees in 65 countries, where diversity is a source of inspiration, learning and development, both for our organization and for our employees.

We are more interested in your values and personality than in your last certification. Show your uniqueness and join us today.

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