Telecom Expense Management: a single platform to manage your telecom assets

Telecom Expense Management is an operator agnostic solution offering a single platform to optimize and automate international mobility processes. Thanks to a consolidated view of all local mobile invoices and traffic, it helps global organizations simplify the management of telecom services and efficiently orchestrate a mobility strategy across all their subsidiaries.

Central visibility to better control international costs

The solution provides a consistent inventory of all mobility plans from any operator and allows to identify cost optimizations such as profile changes, unused SIMs or top spenders in a division. The solution helps large organizations define and enforce mobility best practices across all their subsidiaries, wherever they may be.


Invoice management

Collect and upload all local telecom invoices, as well as local contracts centrally to allow customer to perform a monthly invoice check (or let Orange do it as an optional service called Invoice Verification).

Reporting and analytics

Dashboards on usage and spending by country, cost center and SIM, with identification of top spenders and cost allocation reports.

Central ordering

A catalog of devices and connectivity offers available online for Fleet Managers and end users, which reflects local mobile contracts.


An exhaustive and consistent list of all local mobility plans, options, devices and accessories enriched with central ordering.

Profiling and optimization

Analyze end users' traffic to ensure they always have the best profile allocated throughout the contract.


A comprehensive managed service

With Telecom Expense Management, Orange Business delivers a common mobility approach for all telecom providers and allows to optimize international costs. Large organizations can get the most from their existing infrastructure with an integration into their accounting processes such as SAP, Oracle Finance, etc. The solution typically targets Fleet Managers in charge of managing mobile fleets across multiple countries, Sourcing Managers making sure employees always benefit from the negotiated sourcing contracts with the right prices, and Chief Finance Officers piloting mobility strategies.

Amcor enhances cost management and business agility

Amcor is the world’s leading packaging company and specializes in high-quality, innovative and sustainable packaging that enhances the products people use in everyday life. The strategic decision to transfer from Blackberry to Apple IOS created an opportunity to fully leverage its global buying power and address key challenges.

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We know Orange Business is a reliable partner with a proven delivery track record. In addition to having an unmatched global presence in both mobile and fixed connectivity, Orange tells a real end-to-end story around IT and digital transformation.


Joel Ranchin, VP Corporate IT & Global Business Services, Amcor


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