Asia Pacific continues to be the fastest-growing region in the world. Companies expanding in or beyond the region need a trusted partner to help them digitally transform their business to keep pace with such expansion. We understand what's involved and take a customer-centric approach to support our customers in every aspect of their digital transformation journeys.

Market leader

Orange Business is rated as a Leader in IDC MarketScape: Asia/Pacific Next–Generation Telcos: Telecom Services 2020 Vendor Assessment

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Securely connecting your organization in Asia Pacific and with the rest of the world for consistent delivery and management of digital applications and services


Secure and reliable connectivity for offices and staff across the region

  • Large network footprint in Asia Pacific and globally
  • Multiple connectivity methods, including satellite, MPLS VPN, SD-WAN and SDN/NFV
  • Secured cloud and remote network access

Manage a geographically diverse and complex IT environment

  • A reliable service provider to help orchestrate, operate and optimize complex ICT services in different countries in Asia Pacific and beyond
  • Know and satisfy regulatory requirements for different countries in the region

Consistent rollout and delivery of digital applications and services

  • React to ever-changing customer needs with the flexibility of cloud computing
  • Local delivery and support capabilities with skills and experience in the region


Build your business resilience


Be resilient at all times

Unexpected events such as natural disasters and disease outbreaks can impact any business. Bolstering operational resilience and business continuity planning is critical to ensure your employees remain safe and productive, while enabling your business operations to continue.

Download our e-books with practical strategies and use cases of how we are partnering with our customers to ensure their business resilience.


Broadcom is driving digital transformation for greater business agility and innovation

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"Over the past 10 years, Orange has been a great partner every time we look to cut costs through innovative solutions or re-designing the network structure. Orange plays a large role for us and is a strategic partner."

Andy Nallappan, Chief Information Officer, Broadcom


Our partners

Cisco’s technology portfolio addresses the most important business challenges with intelligent networks and technology architectures built on integrated products, services and software platforms. Together, we provide organizations all over the world with flexible, secure, efficient systems that bring your employees, customers and suppliers closer together.

Riverbed Technology provides a comprehensive WAN optimization solution that enable enterprises to share applications and data anywhere in the world. Partnering with Riverbed allows us to offer a range of solutions, from simple equipment resale to fully managed services.

Huawei Technologies is our strong partner for public cloud, video and telepresence, LAN/WLAN, and mobile in France and internationally. In 2017, Orange Business extended the partnership with Huawei with the Flexible Engine offer.

We've also built partnerships with many other leading technology and solutions providers in the Asia Pacific region. Learn more about all of our partners here.


Why Orange Business?


global customers, the majority of which are served in Asia Pacific

"ring" within APAC and our global backbone, strong resiliency and optimized path for best response times

PoPs across 17 countries and territories and additional PoPs with our NNI partnerships in China and India

staff in 14 countries across APAC with regional headquarters in Singapore


We own and manage the world's largest MPLS VPN network globally and in Asia Pacific

Business VPN reaching 38 countries in Asia Pacific (Business VPN Corporate in 17 countries, Business VPN Small available in 11 countries and Business VPN Small OffNet available in 37 countries)

Fully resilient network infrastructure within Asia and to/from Europe, Russia, Americas, Middle East and Africa – diverse cable paths linking APAC

Strong backbone resiliency (15 diverse cable paths link Asia Pacific network to the rest of the world), paths optimized for response time