Managed Voice Portal: perfect your self-services experience

Enhancing customer experience is about simplifying and streamlining your business processes to reduce customer effort throughout interactions. Choosing IVR solutions as the front door to your company is a win-win strategy. It provides the opportunity to empower customers by opening their own data to them so that they can self-serve. Meanwhile, it provides your business with customer digital data trails that can be used to better understand their needs and predict purchasing and churn decisions. Additionally, self-service applications require little staff involvement, so headcount efficiencies can be gained.

Choose a solution that fits your needs

Benefit from a highly-customizable, cloud-based interactive voice response service built on Genesys technology and natively integrated with Orange contact centers. From standard customer service to very specific requirements, we'll build a service that fully aligns with your business objectives and develop unique applications to simplify your day-to-day activities.

Greater loyalty

Greater loyalty

Create positive brand experiences

  • Provide effective guidance through intuitive voice menus
  • Profit from broadened interactive capabilities with DTMF, speech recognition, natural language and text-to-speech
  • Go digital, adding visual information to the IVR
Improved Net Promoter Score

Improved net promoter score

Provide fast resolution and personalized self-service

  • Ensure fast routing while cutting down on misdirected calls
  • Recognize customers, anticipate the reason why they are calling and offer relevant options for getting the right information or completing their transactions
Performance and profitability

Performance and profitability

Build a cost-effective and efficient operating model

  • Automate simple requests to reduce agents' call volume, handling times and frustration
  • Connect customers directly to your best experts, with full interaction
  • Activate your emergency routing plan with a few clicks – without involving IT – to always adequately accommodate demand

Turn your challenges into business opportunities

Worldwide availability and high service levels

Deploy customer services where your business grows. At Orange, we commit to providing MNCs with worldwide availability and 24/7 global support and services backed by a 99.95% uptime service level agreement.  

Unique service tailored to your needs

Benefit from an IVR service that simplifies operations, administration and management, while offering scalability and best-in-class reliability. Choose the level of support that best fits your needs: develop and manage voice menus on your own or delegate design, execution, customization and hosting to Orange.

Flexibility, simplicity and burst capabilities

Stop struggling with the complexity and the lack of agility of applications. Using a self-administration portal, you can update your customer service organization directly, whenever you need to, to accommodate any situation. You can even increase burst capabilities to answer all customer requests during activity peaks or overflow.

Orange helps you stand out

We bring together the power of a global telecom operator and a digital services provider, leveraging our unique know-how in software development and system integration.


Unmatched expertise, extensive experience

Our consultants and experts are committed to understanding what really matters to your business and designing the service that meets your expectations. They accompany you step by step from the initial configuration to tailored support and service.

International footprint

To better support your expansion and guarantee worldwide availability, we rely on the world’s largest seamless voice/data network, a distributed architecture with geographically redundant data centers and call-collection capabilities in 110+ countries.

24/7 customer care and incident management

Leveraging five Major Service Centers* and 24 local service centers, we provide follow-the-sun support in more than 30 languages.
*Brazil, France, Mauritius, India, Singapore

Strong and smooth vendor management capabilities

We partner with the leading technology organizations from which we have secured the highest level of certification to ensure that your solution is built with the very best technology available. That’s why more than 100 of our sales experts and engineers are Genesys certified.

Single, digital service provider

With Orange as your one-stop shop for self services, contact centers, workforce engagement, IoT and analytics, you benefit from streamlined management, reduced costs and mutualized resources. Combining our Genesys-based solutions – Managed Voice Portal and Managed Contact Center – provides you with a full IP service managed from end to end.



Our technology partners

Genesys, the world’s number one customer experience platform, empowers companies to create exceptional omnichannel experiences, journeys and relationships. For over 25 years, Genesys has put the customer at the center of its strategy, believing that great customer engagement drives great business outcomes. Download our guide to read more about our strategic alliance partnership enabling omnichannel customer experiences in the digital age.







Managed Voice Portal

Managed Voice Portal

Perfect your self-service experience.

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