Workplace Together [Webex]: fully-integrated solution for team messaging, videoconferencing and phone calls from anywhere on any device

Ongoing changes in the way people work have permanently transformed employees’ relationships with their expectations of work. Hybrid work can be a great opportunity, but also a great risk without the right tools or proper implementation.

Hybrid workers are all different, but they all have the same needs:

Hybrid workers' needs

Choose the services that work for you

The Workplace Together [Webex] solution from Orange combines all the power of the Webex cloud platform, Orange global calling and an à la carte Orange service offer to provide you with everything you need to collaborate effectively and enhance the user and customer experience.


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The Webex platform offers multiple services which are available individually or together, accessed through the all-inclusive Webex App and managed through Control Hub.

Webex Calling even with calling in Teams

Webex Calling delivers a cloud-based phone system that’s as powerful as it is flexible.

We go beyond technology boundaries by bringing innovative solutions, tools, APIs, and more. A great example is our plug-in for to enable Webex Calling in Microsoft Teams.

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Communicate effortlessly with Webex Calling and Cloud Connected PSTN

Simplify your communications with Orange Cloud Connected PSTN, seamlessly integrated with Webex Calling. Make and receive calls directly from your Webex app, without the need for separate hardware or software.

Webex calling

Enhance your global calling

  • Reach over 35 countries and territories with reliable, enterprise grade voice connections
  • Enjoy consistent call quality thanks to the robust Orange network infrastructure
  • Benefit from native voice connectivity between the Orange and Cisco global networks, avoiding any new network deployment

Boost ROI and workforce productivity

  • Reduce costs: eliminate the need for traditional phone lines and hardware
  • Increase agility: scale your voice communications up or down as needed
  • Enhance user experience: empower your employees with a streamlined communications solution
  • Unify your calling and collaboration experience within the Webex platform
  • Improve productivity with intuitive features like call recording, transcription and voicemail
  • Increase flexibility with mobile and desktop calling options

Webex Meetings let everyone participate, equally

For nearly two decades Orange has collaborated with Cisco on delivering an outstanding web conferencing experience. We offer everything from the latest video end points, to managed services bridging the gap between people working remotely and those in the office. We offer a meeting experience that allows everyone to be seen, heard, and fully participate from anywhere.

Webex meetings

Device offers

Webex Contact Center, the cornerstone of your customer experience

Webex Contact Center is a powerful cloud-native solution that provides everything you need in terms of customer experience:

  • Omnichannel: voice, mail, chat, SMS and social media embedded in a perfect “look and feel” browser-based agent application
  • Deeply integrated with Webex collaboration Calling and Meeting: unique cloud platform for all Webex solutions, creating a seamless agent environment and blurring the limits between customer experience and collaboration
  • Equipped for every customers' business needs: hundreds of APIs for customized integrations, CRM integrations with top services (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, etc.) and Webex Connect for automation and digital interactions based on CPaaS

Contact center solutions

We address the entire ecosystem

For multinational enterprises, the amount of work necessary to keep track of service and hardware inventory, comprehend the abilities, skills, and agreements of service partners, and stay current on market trends is overwhelming. It can leave you perplexed about your current situation given the pace of digital trends and the sheer number of issues that need attention.

In terms of communication and collaboration, one of the steps towards digital transformation is making platform decisions. However, many business leaders have learned the hard way that this is just a beginning of a long and complex path.

Thanks to our dual expertise as a network operator and a digital services integrator, our à la carte offer addresses your entire ecosystem, from design consulting, through complete integration into your existing environment, to post deployment support.

We address the entire ecosystem

Success Management is crucial for your ROI

At Orange, we want every customer to be satisfied with our solutions. However, more than just making our clients and their employees happy, we are keen to maximize your business success with our proven experience to differentiate and bring more value at each stage of the solution lifecycle.

Cloud migration journey

Cloud adoption strategies can fail due to a lack of knowledge or expertise to efficiently plan, develop and carry out a successful adoption strategy. Having already completed numerous successful migrations, our experts can help you avoid mistakes, conserve time, money and effort, and lessen interruptions. Our cloud migration services adhere to a systematic, tried-and-true approach that is customized to meet your specific needs.

We provide a complete end-to-end managed migration solution, in which we assume responsibility for getting you to your cloud, whether it be private, public or hybrid.

Broadcom uses Orange to drive digital transformation

Workplace Together [Webex] has been a game-changer for technology company Broadcom accelerating the onboarding and empowering of a large number of users as a result of company acquisitions quickly and securely. The platform allowed them to collaborate efficiently and effectively from day one.


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Collaboration and contact center services improve ZIM customer experience

We succeeded in maintaining our high level of customer experience across our global branches, despite the COVID-19 pandemic implications, necessitating many of our customer service teams to work from home with very short notice. This was in large part thanks to Orange Business technology and capabilities.

Assaf Tiran, Global Customer Service Vice President, ZIM

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Orange and Cisco partnership

For nearly 30 years of close partnership, Cisco and Orange have enhanced connectivity infrastructure and communication services to enable our customers’ digital transformation and strengthen their business strategy.

Together we develop innovations that help businesses push their boundaries by transforming their infrastructure, re-imagining applications, empowering teams and securing their data. As partners, Orange and Cisco share common values, including putting customers first, focusing on new services that solve business challenges and excellence in execution.

  • Cisco Partner Gold Provider
  • 400+ certified Cisco technology experts
  • Security-certified data centers in Singapore, Atlanta and Frankfurt
  • Delivering agility and cost reduction for hybrid working (home, office, mobile), moving to the cloud, giving users what they need when they need it, and new ways of working

We are proud to be named Webex Partner of the Year | 2022