Standard rates, terms and conditions

Information concerning Orange Business Services current rates, terms and conditions for all interstate and international interexchange services regulated by the Federal Communications Commission is provided in accordance with the requirements set forth in CC Docket no. 96-61 and IB Docket no. 00-202.

Schedules are available for public inspection during regular business hours at the following address:

Orange Business Services
13775 McLearen Road
Oak Hill, VA 20171

Attention: legal and regulatory

Orange Business Services reserves the right to change its rates, terms and conditions of service at any time. other rates, terms and conditions may apply. these schedules do not constitute an offer to sell. Customers must satisfy Orange Business Services eligibility criteria and purchase services via contract.

In the United States, local exchange circuits, including without limitation tail/access circuits, and other intrastate network services managed on behalf of customers by Orange Business Services, are provided by third party telecommunications operators.