Live Objects: a secure platform for your objects and data

Manage your objects, and collect and store their data securely with our secure, evolutionary platform. Our Flexible Engine cloud-based offer is a complete suite of services that evolves according to your needs, letting you process your data, transform it into insights and make it available to your customers and users.

Live Objects

Live Objects from Orange

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A complete suite of services that evolves with your needs

Live Objects includes the primary functionalities required for any IoT project. Our open solution is compatible with all market standards.

As the heart of your IoT project, everything revolves around the platform: your objects as well as your connectivity solution. With Live Objects, you can transform your data into useful information and gain a better understanding of your customers and their habits.


Device management
Control and manage your connected objects

  • Follow their activity and status
  • Perform diagnostics
  • Configure and update
  • Easily integrate new elements

Message management
Optimize and simplify the communications of your objects wherever they are

  • Control message flow
  • Receive instant notifications regarding system anomalies and correct them to guarantee quality of service

Data management
Process the collected data

Live Objects adapts to increasing volumes of data through an open data model.

  • Safely collect and store objects' data using standardized APIs
  • Manage events and alerts
  • Visualize data



Expert support

We're here to support you throughout your project with technical IoT component expertise. With our “discover” option, you can test Live Objects at your convenience. To learn more about Live Objects, visit our Live Objects portal.

Why Orange Business?

Beyond our worldwide connectivity and unique operator and integrator status, we build and secure our customers' IoT flows and facilitate the creation of business applications.

Service quality
The service quality of a first-rate operator
Management tools
Analysis, diagnostic and reporting tools for your infrastructure and sensor pool
Proven partners
An ecosystem of validated or certified sensor partners
Complete solution
An integrator that provides flexibility and control of all the components of an industrial IoT service: devices, connectivity, IT, etc.
Customized security
Resilience and "by-design" security adapted to your uses: certification, APN, BVPN, APIkey, GDPR, etc.
Choice of connections
A system open accommodating any connectivity and using IoT standards: IP, SMS, MQTT, CoAP, APIs, Azure, AWS

Our partners

We partner with industry leaders to bring you Live Objects.



Azure Cloud

Amazon Web Services


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