Digital freedom is not a given. Malicious players increasingly exploit your connectivity and activities as opportunities for harm and disruption. Anyone can be a victim on an individual or collective level and it can lead to a breach in digital trust. At Orange, we believe that digital can remain a trusted means of leisure, professional opportunities and services.
That’s why we strive to create lines of defense and protect freedom in the digital space with Orange Cyberdefense. We are here to help build a safer digital society.

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End-to-end security to protect your data throughout the entire journey

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Securing the data journey

Data is a valuable resource, and it can be used to do amazing things. At Orange, we specialize in transforming data into opportunity and value, but we know that the data journey, from the point of collection onward, is a complex one and is fraught with risk. Your organization is not the only one interested in exploiting your data.

We employ end-to-end security to protect your data throughout the entire journey, from collection to storage to analysis, and help you exploit its power safely and responsibly. Cyber criminals will work hard to steal your data or to compromise your systems. We are the strong security partner you need to protect your resources, one that understands the risk landscape today and can predict it tomorrow.


Faced with so many attempts to steal or misuse your valuable data, your best strategy is to deploy active cyber defence from an expert partner. Cutting end to end cyber security is vital to protect data. To ensure your data security and business continuity, we are at your side 24/7/365.

We turn data into ta-da!

We help our customers across the globe transform their industries, reimagine their services and create a positive impact. With them, we are designing the new awesome. Aren’t you excited? We are.

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We support you throughout the entire threat lifecycle

The combination of our people, our technologies and our processes enables us to design the cybersecurity services that support you throughout the entire threat lifecycle.

The solutions you need to secure your business



Threat intelligence
Dark web surveillance of digital assets


Consulting and audit
Penetration testing
Red and purple teaming


Security services across network, applications and data
Endpoint and identity access management
Vulnerability management


Managed threat detection and response 24/7
CyberSOC service
Threat intelligence


Incident response
Cyber resilience and digital forensics

Cybersecurity in action: securing three million assets and 37 events, 24/7/365

Invensys: ERP case study

Safeguarding a French multinational in consumer products from the SolarWinds compromise

As a global player, our customer found themselves confronted with about three million IT assets, generating 37 billion events per month. To help secure the customer’s data and infrastructure, Orange Cyberdefense was called and tasked with cutting through the noise. They focused the limited resources carefully, to ensure they were prioritized to respond to a potential compromise. A special emphasis was put on any possible exposure to SolarWinds Orion.


Why Orange?


25+ years
years track record
in information security

open day or night
all year round

employees based
around the globe

researchers & analysts


rogue sites blocked
per year

50 billion
logs & events ingested daily
by threat detection platforms

published papers & presentations at cyber-conferences over
the last year

Identify threats before
they have any business impact

Global protection with local expertise



Security Navigator 2021: Research-driven insights to build a safer digital society


Security Navigator 2021

Our annual report, the Security Navigator, features analysis of the evolution and changes in cyber threats based 100% on first-hand information from our 10 global Orange Cyberdefense CyberSOCs. The 2021 edition provides a unique and comprehensive view of the cybersecurity ecosystem during the health crisis that has hit all countries and companies globally.

Never before has it been more important to emerge from crisis-mode and reactivity, take back control of one's cybersecurity posture and join us in our goal to build a safer digital society.

Some vibrant stories from the Security Navigator include:

  • Pentesting and CSIRT stories, including quick-response help for a customer in Vietnam and an IoT pentest
  • Security deep-dives into videoconferencing solutions and the cybercrime infrastructure
  • Spotlight: the hidden impact of COVID-19

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