Digital transformation is a challenge for your business. And a multifaceted and fragmented technological landscape makes it even more crucial to protect your most valuable assets: data, intellectual property and brand image. Securing your environment is the foundation for your successful digital transformation, and we are here to help.

Your environment requires a strong defense line

Tackle the threats
Everything valuable must be protected, while being available to parts of the company defined by you, and even to third parties. It is essential to avoid downtime, because it can have a negative impact on your brand image. Compliance must be ensured, as well as increased security awareness across your organization.

Evaluate your options and your choices
Your growing cloud applications and data must be as secure as your on-premise equipment. The diversity of technologies within your infrastructure, from mobile to broadband, makes it hard to ensure satisfying levels of security. It’s essential to protect your activities from Internet attacks and your internal network at the perimeter.
Being tied to any one particular vendor or technology can be hazardous in the fast-paced environment of security.

Never forget the human factor
Security solutions should be user friendly, with no impact on anyone’s productivity. They should be easy to manage for your IT security teams, with secure access to your corporate resources and cloud applications. Your mobile fleet needs protection from the many emerging forms of attack that only an advanced detection mobile solution can provide.

security devices managed by Orange in 160 countries and territories.


CyberSOCs that bring together the best expertise in threat analysis.

Master every aspect of security, like never before

Design and build a business-oriented security policy
With our expertise in network, mobile and cloud security, we ensure end-to-end protection across your value chain. We assess the compliance of your security policy. We can provide your suppliers with secure access to predefined data and applications. Our worldwide network enables us to detect trends and protect your business immediately.

Choose the best-of-breed technologies and partners
All of our solutions are secured by design, from mobile to data centers, avoiding complex security choices and long integration work. We work with best-of-breed partners and find the best match together with you. We take your IT legacy into account, whether by empowering it or adding security services around it, to help you proactively build a defense line that protects your assets from hackers who can easily break into static security.

Make your defense line human-centric
Our security solutions are effective without the end user even knowing it, ensuring a smooth adoption. Productivity is maximized by secure remote access to your company network and sensitive data from any device, and an integrated portal lets your IT teams easily manage your ecosystem. 


The solutions you need to secure your business


Protect your business

DDos Protection
Protection for your activities from Internet attacks

Mobile SSL
Managed SSL solution for personal or corporate laptops and devices, allowing secure remote access to corporate data

Flexible SSL
Secure remote access to your company network and sensitive data from any device using a web browser or dedicated software

Cyber Risk and Compliance Intelligence
Enhanced vulnerability and compliance management service tailored to your needs

Master the technology

Web Content Protection
End-to-end managed cloud security fully integrated with Business VPN for web access protection

Web Protection Suite
Cloud-mode protection for your Internet usage

Secure Gateway
Global, managed security service dedicated to the protection of companies' networks

Control the human factor

Flexible Identity Authentication
Simple, secure, affordable, multi-factor authentication

Mobile Threat Protection
Simultaneous detection and elimination of both well-known and unknown mobile threats

Security Event Intelligence
Combined Security Information Management (SIM) and Security Event Management (SEM) to provide real-time analysis of security alerts


Siemens increased network security while driving productivity and performance

"The Orange solution gives us the right answer to the new challenges that Internet, cloud computing and mobility have created, ranging from security against new threat vectors to ensuring compliance with corporate policies."

Clemens Olbrich, Global Solution Architect Networks, Siemens AG


Experts and solutions dedicated to security, committed to you

As a global company, we have the capability to hire and retain highly demanded skills. Our 1,000 security experts share their diverse experiences among themselves to gain a deeper understanding of the security landscape.

This workforce is fed by our close relationship with top universities.

We use data correlation to identify threats and trigger alerts as part of our real-time threat intelligence service.

Our global capability, with a local presence in 160 countries, ensures a dedicated and tailored service.


security devices managed by Orange in 160 countries and territories


CyberSOCs that bring together the best expertise in threat analysis


SOCs around the world monitoring and responding to events 24/7/365


Orange Business Services was positioned in the Gartner "Magic Quadrant for Managed Security Services, Worldwide"

Orange Business Services was rated Very Strong in Current Analysis "Product Assessment - Managed Security Service"