Operational efficiency

Improve quality and productivity through automation, supervision, digitization and optimization technologies.

Enhancing quality and productivity is paramount in industry. Orange empowers your projects with solutions like asset tracking, machine condition monitoring, industrial supervision, SCADA, video analysis and process digitization.
Quickly locate and monitor assets

Efficiently track tools, work-in-progress and vehicles to save time, prevent theft and optimize fleet usage. Monitor environmental conditions to prevent breakdowns, minimize production losses and mitigate health risks.

Automate quality control

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence and advanced video capture technology to significantly expedite inspection processes. This innovative approach not only reduces time but also allows for seamless adaptation to evolving production variables, ensuring efficiency and precision.

Digitize processes

Enhance productivity through process digitalization, expedited information sharing, elimination of repetitive tasks and AI-driven decision-making. Orange develops and collaboratively integrates tailored applications to empower your operations.

Our solutions

Data transformation

Flux Vision

Drive your business with insightful statistics on people-mobility patterns using mobile network data

  • Get real-time data by the millions
  • Learn more about your customers with reliable analytics
  • Ensure GDPR-compliant user anonymity

Data Intelligence

From strategy to results: we transform data into decisions

  • Our experts guide you from data strategy to actionable insights
  • Research data sources
  • Help you choose and install tools, presenting data

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