When a person uses a service on the website homepage (hereafter, the “Homepage”), the user benefits, in compliance with the European Regulation on Data Protection of 25 May 2018, from a right to access, contest, delete and rectify and a right to portability of his personal data (hereinafter “its Data”), which he is likely to communicate within the framework of the use of one of the website’s services, plus a right to limit the processing of his personal Data.

Any Data that he communicates, as required during the use of one of the services on the website portal, may be processed either by Orange Business Services, if the service is provided by Orange Business Services, or by the third-party partner if the service is provided by a third-party partner.

If the user’s Data is processed by Orange Business Services, the rights mentioned in the previous paragraph are reiterated in each General Conditions of Use (hereinafter “GCU”) of the service concerned, and at any time, the user can access, modify or suppress his Data according to the conditions mentioned in the GCU. If the Data is communicated to a third-party partner, the user should carefully read the Personal Data Policy of that third-party partner.

In order to improve the user’s experience on the portal, Orange Business Services may collect information related to the operation of the website. For example, the information collected may enable Orange Business Services to detect the technical cause of errors experienced by users and make necessary corrections.

Additionally, when a user views or clicks on an ad banner during a portal visit, Internet cookies may be stored on his device in order for him to benefit from targeted ad content. Detailed information about Internet cookies and how to configure browsers to render ineffective or refuse them can be found by clicking on the link hereinafter.

For further information about our commitments in terms of personal data, Orange Business Services invites you to read the Orange Business Services Charter related to personal data and privacy protection.

Orange Business Services Charter related to personal data and privacy protection – April 2018

Orange Business Services commits, within the framework of its activities and in compliance with legislation applicable in France and Europe, to ensuring the protection, confidentiality and safety of users’ personal Data and to respecting users’ privacy.

The commitments described in the present Charter answer to the values, the action principles and the principles of individual behaviors described in the Deontological Charter of the Group and complete the Orange Business Services commitments for personal Data protection and respect of privacy.

To ensure their proper application, Orange Business Services designated a Personal Data Delegate (PDD), who is a spokesperson specialized in the protection of personal Data, as much within Orange Business Services as in its relations with the French National Technologies and Civil Liberties Commission (CNIL).

1. Orange Business Services collects its clients’ and prospects’ personal Data in a trustworthy and transparent manner
1.1 Orange Business Services abstains from collecting personal Data communicated by the companies and users of its services without informing the persons concerned.
1.2 Orange Business Services collects Data to provide the services requested by its clients and to manage its customer base and prospects and informs them of how the Data is used.
1.3 Orange Business Services ensures the pertinence of the personal Data collected to better understand its clients and to ensure quality service.
1.4 Orange Business Services informs users about the use of Internet cookies and other tracers on the websites that it operates.

2. Orange Business Services uses personal data within the framework of its trading activities
2.1 Orange Business Services ensures the confidentiality of personal Data and ensures that the principles of Data protection are respected from the conception of the services, websites and applications.
2.2 Orange Business Services uses clients’ personal Data in order to authenticate and secure the access to the clients’ space.
2.3 Orange Business Services communicates users’ personal Data only to its authorized service providers and ensures that they respect the strict conditions of confidentiality, use and protection of Data.
2.4 Orange Business Services abstains from communicating personal Data to its trading partners without having informed its clients and without having offered them the option to exercise their right to object.

3. Orange Business Services takes the necessary measures to ensure personal data safety
3.1 Orange Business Services implements safety measures adapted to the degree of sensitivity of the personal Data to protect it against malicious intrusion and against any loss, alteration or divulgation to non-authorized third parties.
3.2 Orange Business Services gives information system access authorization solely to the people who need it to perform their job functions.
3.3 Orange Business Services raises awareness among its employees and partners regarding personal Data protection within the framework of their responsibilities and ensures that they respect the applicable rules and company deontology.
3.4 Orange Business Services conducts regular audits to ensure the operational diligence of these rules.
3.5 Orange Business Services requires that its service providers comply with the principles of technical and organizational safety necessary to protect personal Data against any personal data violation in compliance with the applicable personal Data protection laws.

4. Orange Business Services respects the personal data retention period
4.1 Orange Business Services limits personal Data storage to the period defined by law or the period declared by the DPO.
4.2 Orange Business Services commits to erasing the personal Data at the end of this period.

5. Orange Business Services informs its clients and prospects of their rights in terms of personal data
5.1 Orange Business Services informs its clients and prospects of their ability to exercise their rights of access, erasure, communication and rectification of the personal Data that concerns them, as well as their right to object for legitimate reasons, their right of portability of their Data and their right to restrict processing of their Data.
5.2 Orange Business Services clients and prospects can exercise these rights by contacting Orange Business Services by letter at the following address: Orange Business Services, Gestion des données personnelles, CS 30380, 59203 Tourcoing cedex, France.

6. Orange Business Services informs and advises its clients in order for them to protect their privacy
Orange Business Services takes measures to limit intrusive actions of third parties (spam, etc.) and informs its clients and prospects about any electronic attacks (phishing, viruses, information loss, etc.).

7. What are the tasks of the Data Protection Officer?

  • To inform and advise the controller or the processor and the employees who carry out processing of their obligations pursuant to the GDPR and to other Union or Member State data protection provisions,
  • To monitor compliance with the GDPR, with other Union or Member State data protection provisions and with the policies of the controller or processor in relation to the protection of personal data, including the assignment of responsibilities, awareness-raising and training of staff involved in processing operations, and related audits,
  • To provide advice where requested as regards data protection impact assessments,
  • To cooperate with the supervisory authority,
  • To act as the contact point for the supervisory authority on issues relating to processing of personal data.

8. How can you contact the Data Protection Officer?
You can contact the Data Protection Officer as follows:

By email:
For enquiries relating to France only, you may contact:

By post:
Attention: Global Data Protection Officer
Orange Business Services,
3 avenue du Bourget / Bourgetlaan 3
1140 Brussels

For enquiries relating to France only, you may contact:

Attention: Data Protection Officer, France
Orange Stadium, 1 Place des Droits de l’Homme
93200 La Plaine Saint Denis - FRANCE

Important: You will need to provide us with proof of your identity in order for us to process your enquiry