Connected smart products

Enhance efficiency, deliver real-time insights and enable seamless customization with connected smart products.

Forge connections between your tools and products to gather and leverage crucial data for refining processes and elevating customer services. Orange offers expertise in use case qualification, deployment and seamless integration into your information systems.
Enhance offers with customer insights

Revitalize your service offering by capitalizing on usage monetization, remote updates, proactive maintenance and swift intervention through location tracking. Orange offers the connectivity and tools to significantly enhance your customers' experience.

Secure your mobile assets

Utilize our advanced IoT capabilities to swiftly pinpoint vehicle locations, remotely restrict usage and receive immediate alerts for surpassing set thresholds, ensuring heightened safety measures. Trust Orange to deploy these solutions, leveraging our expertise for your peace of mind.

Asset monitoring for streamlined processes

Leverage Orange expertise to swiftly locate production parts, streamline logistics and optimize facility operations. We'll help identify vital IoT use cases, ensure smooth deployment and seamlessly integrate solutions with your systems, amplifying efficiency and productivity.

Our solutions

IoT connectivity

IoT Managed Global Connectivity

Empower your IoT-connected devices on the Orange global cellular network

  • Seamlessly and easily deploy your fleet of devices everywhere in the world
  • Ensure end-to-end security of your data through Orange cellular connectivity
  • Tailor your solution to the unique requirements of your IoT projects
Data transformation

Live Objects

Boost the potential of your IoT projects with our secure, cloud-based platform

  • Easily connect machines and objects to your business applications
  • Scale and evolve your solution as your needs change with our complete suite of services
  • Manage your fleet's operations and communication flows

We work with market-leading partners to bring you the best solutions

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