Service Manage offers a single support point of contact for all your products

Service Manage offers a single point of contact for customer support available 24/7 for all products in our portfolio. There are two levels of service available (baseline and premium) to answer customers needs. Language option is also available for telephone support.

service manage description

Customize your solutions to answer your specific needs

Service Manage provides an overarching Single Point of Contact for ALL Orange Managed Products. 

  1. Our Baseline Support

  2. Available options

24/7 Welcome Desk

Call management by service operation agents
End-to-end incident ownership
Incident logging
Handover to technical specialists
Reactive problem management

Web portal: My Service Space

Report and track incidents
Detailed inventory of your solution
Configure your notification rules
Near-real time monitoring on certain products
Information on planned maintenance

Premium support

Faster troubleshooting of complex solutions and products
Better interface for your technical experts
Better control of incident process

Language facilities

Support in your language
Simpler interactions
No need to subscribe to premium support

Product specific options

SLA guarantees quality of service
Monitoring provides in-depth real-time view of products
Faster resolution with proactive monitoring