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Protect your sensitive assets
Protect your sensitive assets

In our ultra-connected world, cyber security should be at the top of every corporations’ agenda. Secure your digital content, protect your sensitive assets, understand your security vulnerabilities and rapidly respond to security incidents.

With Orange Cyberdefense, your most valuable digital assets, brand image and data are protected, whilst the impact of attacks on your business are minimized through a proactive and comprehensive security stance.

Work better together

Our ways of working have changed. Today, employees routinely work from remote locations and on multiple projects with teams spread across the globe. So working habits and tools need to evolve as well to promote engagement and ease collaboration. Reinvent your workspaces and implement truly collaborative solutions to boost efficiency throughout your organization.

Network performance
Network performance

State-of-the-art indicators to measure Wide-Area-Network performances are Round Trip Delay (RTD), Packet Loss Ratio (PLR) and Jitter. View the latest performance between the primary Orange Business Services points of presence worldwide.

Create new business models
Create new business models

Connected devices collect and process data in real time, presenting an incredible opportunity for businesses and public agencies alike.

With our Business Innovation solutions you can improve operational efficiency, increase productivity and customer satisfaction, and create new business models with innovative services in a completely secure environment.

Evolve as quickly as your business
Evolve as quickly as your business

Fast-changing business models require flexibility across your organization. Now you can evolve as quickly as your business with hybrid and public cloud services and technologies from Orange Business Services.

With cloud infrastructure management, cloud expert services and cloud application management, we build and operate best-of-breed private/public and hybrid platforms; install, deploy and operate your critical applications; and provide experts, processes and tools for your IT transformation.

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