IBM: centralized visibility into organization-wide security data

To combat modern threats, today’s SIEM have evolved to incorporate advanced analytics such as user behavior analytics (UBA), network flow insights and artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate detection. Additionally, SIEM platforms integrate seamlessly with security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) platforms to accelerate incident response and remediation. With a single dashboard, security analysts can gain insights from log and flow data, drawn from a large range of security and IT sources, to prioritize triage and increase efficiency in response.

Together we build the CyberSOC of the future and improve the cybersecurity level of our customers

The IBM and Orange partnership began in 2014. Today, we have 35 common customers (large and medium) using IBM Security Threat Management Solutions. The main solutions deployed are QRadar and Resilient, either on customer sites or through Orange Cyberdefense managed services. With these solutions, our customers have improved their security posture with technology and services.

Manage your defenses against growing threats and modernize your security

When every second counts, you need a unified defense to identify, orchestrate and automate your response to threats. IBM Security Threat Management solutions help you thrive in the face of cyber uncertainty.

To protect your hybrid multicloud infrastructure in our complex world, you need to ensure the workload is secure from processes to technologies. IBM Security can help confidently secure your hybrid multicloud enterprise.

Security information and event management (QRadar) + Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR)

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into your enterprise data across on-premises and cloud-based environments from behind a single pane of glass
  • Detect known and unknown threats, go beyond individual alerts to identify and prioritize potential incidents, and apply AI to accelerate investigation processes by 50 percent
  • Gain closed-loop feedback to continuously improve detection and use the time savings from automated security intelligence to proactively hunt threats and automate containment processes
  • Your analysts face an onslaught of security alerts, and often have numerous tools to work with. Use automation to enrich incidents with threat intelligence, to quickly resolve damaging phishing attacks or malware infections in multiple endpoints, and free your analysts from repetitive tasks
  • Across your organization, proactive vulnerability management and endpoint diagnostics may take a backseat to reactive incident response. Managed detection and response experts can help improve your security operation center’s posture. Tools like Ansible can also help analysts scale and resolve issues wherever they occur
  • A SOAR platform integrates your security tools to accelerate and enrich your investigations. It automatically correlates security alerts flagged by SIEM against threat intelligence feeds for malicious indicators or integrates malware analysis into incidents after detonating in a sandbox

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Orange is an IBM Gold Partner.

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