The way we work together has changed. Your employees, customers, suppliers and business partners are teaming up from all over the world, whenever they want, from any device. At Orange, we provide tools and facilitate better collaboration in the age of digital transformation. We help you choose tailor-made unified communications solutions for your business that will bring flexibility and autonomy in your work processes, while eliminating risk, increasing security and maintaining your budget.


Improve productivity by unleashing your team’s potential


Incorporate new collaborative working tools into your business processes
A single intuitive interface allows you to incorporate communication and collaboration into your company’s processes in real time. It simplifies your employees' work and optimizes their efficiency and performance.

Improve collaboration within your business with innovative working methods
Interaction is a natural part of organizations, which are first and foremost made up of people. Corporate social networks and collaborative hubs encourage individuals to share their knowledge, ideas and plans. It makes it easier for your employees to access the information they need to complete their tasks.

Redesign your tools and work spaces to enhance the energy of your teams
Integrating new collaborative work tools, hubs and devices into your business will allow you to improve the management of your digital workspaces by fully incorporating social aspects. We can design engaging, flexible "collaboration spaces" where people can get together without disturbing others.

75 minutes are wasted every day without unified communications tools



Empower your business owners
You can truly realize the promise of collaboration-enabled processes. We have the capabilities to provide a single collaboration environment for all of your users. If necessary, we will even physically create an attractive, inspiring working environment for your teams.

Empower your end users
With our collaborative workspace solutions, you can simplify your end users’ daily tasks by adopting easy-to-use tools. By deploying a user adoption program, you will increase the awareness and adoption of unified communications solutions and leverage your investment. Of course, you’ll be able to give your end users full visibility and monitoring options.

Simplify your business operations
We'll help you select the business model that suits your needs. Then we simplify the transformation of your legacy tools to make your migration effortless and seamless. Once your new unified communications environment is up and running, we'll control and assess your business performance in relation to your unified communications solutions.


The solutions you need to truly work together


Collaboration and communication

Business Talk
Leverage your data network to carry voice traffic

Business Together Microsoft
Unified communications and collaboration for a global workplace

Business Together Cisco
Unprecedented collaboration and unified communications enabled per user base and on demand

Business Together as a Service
Your collaborative and communication tools in the cloud

Open Videopresence
A range of videoconferencing solutions adapted to your needs

Audio and Web Conferencing
A global solution with worldwide coverage, including automated, attended and web conferencing

Mobility and deployment

Device Management Premium
A global solution for configuring, securing and managing a mobile fleet

Enterprise Mobility
Maximize global mobile connectivity across your entire enterprise

MSI for Mobility
Reduce mobility management TCO by centrally managing enterprise mobile services, spend and performance

Telecom Expense Management
One single platform to optimize and automate international mobility processes

Social networking

Business Together Sharespace
An enterprise social collaboration platform that enables employees, customers and partners to communicate, collaborate and innovate

Flexible Storage
Synchronization, sharing and back-up of information between employees