Meeting your customer is something that we used to take for granted. The number of touch points your customers have with your organization has grown exponentially, and it’s a fact that when a potential customer contacts you, he already knows more about your company than you think. That’s why today you need to make sure your workforce has all the answers before the questions have been asked, as that first interaction is critical to making a potential customer a real customer.
The digital workplace equips your workforce with what they need to be super smart, not only in that first interaction but throughout the relationship lifecycle.

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Technologies enabling the digital workplace

We enable your workforce to collaborate, communicate, connect and provide an excellent customer experience from anywhere, anytime, using any device in a secured environment.


Collaboration tools Share and exchange information simply and securely.

Unified communications Integrate voice, IP telephony, audio conferencing and video conferencing to interact seamlessly.

Desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) Access the entire workplace environment (back-up, cloud, VPN access, security policies, etc.) from anywhere and any device, while keeping your data safe.

Mobility Allow users to flexibly and securely work from anywhere using any device.

Customer relationship management Remove silos by connecting your sales, marketing and customer support operations to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Transformation to a hybrid workplace and a consistent user experience requires a global response – both "physical" and "digital." The result should exceed both the expectations of employees and the needs of the company. After all, you’re aiming to be a leader.

New tools for collaboration and remote interaction, integration into business applications, and artificial intelligence and automation of low value-added tasks are all essential, but tools won't do everything. The right level of employee training and support for employees must be provided to get the full value from these technologies.

8 out of 10
organizations will invest in digital experience technologies in 2021

Source: Orange Business Services Customer Survey, 2021


More than 7 out of 10
organizations will invest in return-to-work technologies

Source: Orange Business Services Customer Survey, 2021

To really succeed and get the most out of your digital workplace, you need to:

Develop an employee-centric approach
Put yourself in your employees' shoes. Our Persona Assessment looks at how you work today and determines how you could work better tomorrow.

Implement simple, fully integrated and secure collaboration systems
We provide simple yet effective collaboration tool sets that support all worker profiles to make sure that your teams deliver outstanding experiences to your customers.

Expect and accommodate for change
Recognize that there are different remote-working profiles. We assess the essentials such as connectivity, security, digital maturity, business profile, workplace environment, equipment and more to assure that your teams deliver that all-important outstanding customer experience.


Our services

If you already know what you need, then you may want to take a look at our standard collaboration services based on leading vendors.


KONE optimizes its service with a cloud contact center

As part of an upgrade, Orange moved KONE’s legacy site-based contact center infrastructure to the cloud, providing scalable, flexible, omnichannel capabilities, intelligent call routing and built-in security.

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RS Components improves business agility globally

RS Components chose Orange Business Services as its single end-to-end managed service provider to increase business agility and enhance its omni-channel offering to deliver best-in-class customer service.

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Ensure maximum performance for remote working and collaboration in an environment of disruption

In this webinar, we use proven customer examples to demonstrate the best approaches for remote working and collaboration. Discover our professional recommendations for what actually works and how you can implement a solution right now.


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Why Orange Business Services?

We alleviate the complexity of digital workplace transformation with a comprehensive and integrated set of supporting technologies. With data integration and data security as the utmost priorities, we integrate disparate applications and requirements into a single supported solution, designed with your specific needs in mind. We are committed to your success.