Secure the enterprise

Orange Cyberdefense is the expert cybersecurity business unit of the Orange Group, providing managed security, managed threat detection and response services to organizations around the globe. As the leading security services provider, we strive to build a safer digital society. We embed security into Orange Business solutions for multinationals worldwide.

Cybersecurity for your business

By 2025, 60% of organizations will use cybersecurity risk as a primary determinant in conducting third-party transactions and business engagements. (Gartner)

Rely on the expertise of Orange Cyberdefense
Intelligence-led security

Through Orange Cyberdefense, our leading security services provider, we combine intelligence from operations, external data, law enforcement collaboration and in-house R&D to provide you with an intelligent backbone that helps you anticipate, identify, protect, detect and respond.

A well-established strategy

3,000 Orange Cyberdefense experts qualify and advise on long-term trends and system changes that inform your security strategy and technology choices, ensuring that you have the right solutions to counter external threats and meet your business needs.

Security tactics

Detecting threats as they emerge gives you real-time intelligence on potential attacks and where they might land, allowing you to parry threats and mitigate vulnerabilities.

Optimize operations

Prevention is better than a cure, and Orange Cyberdefense helps you deploy preventive measures that head off potential attacks before they disrupt your operations. With precision detection and targeted remediation, any attacks can be dealt with and their impact mitigated rapidly.

Supporting your business globally

  • 3,000 cybersecurity experts worldwide
  • 90% of threats identified before they have any business impact
  • 25 years in information security
3,000 cybersecurity experts worldwide

3,000 cybersecurity experts worldwide

18 Security Operations Centers and 14 CyberSOCs providing global coverage with local support. We are ready to take action day and night all year round.

90% of threats identified before they have any business impact

90% of threats identified before they have any business impact

50 billion logs and events ingested daily by our threat detection platforms, and 45,000 sites blocked per year.

25 years in information security

25 years in information security

250+ experts dedicated to threat R&D and analysis

Securing businesses like yours

illustration testimonial

Edwin Wijnhoven, Service Delivery Manager, Corporate IT, AkzoNobel Packaging and Coatings

"Security is of vital importance to AkzoNobel to protect the company’s intellectual property. Orange Business has transformed our approach to network and Internet security, and we now have a service that protects the company more effectively and costs €1M a year less."
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Peter Koenders, CIO at Stolt-Nielsen

"We needed to define a secure, centralized, future-proofed digital infrastructure to support our business growth and innovation. We chose Orange because of its ability to provide seamless, reliable global connectivity with the highest security standards delivered."

Maria Fladun, IT Security Officer at EDAG

"It was clear to us that we would only be able to start again properly and safely if we were able to identify dangerous behavior in the network quickly and precisely. Vectra's automated platform enables us to do just that 24/7."