Callbot: reinventing customer service with enhanced, future-ready self service

Customers demand simpler ways to communicate. While digital touchpoints make it easy to self serve, call volumes remain high as voice becomes the escalation channel for complex issues where human empathy is critical. Callbots emerge as an effective means of reducing pressure on agents and costs. With them, companies can engage in time-sensitive conversations and increase their reach to prospects.

The best of bots blended with the power of live agents

Powered by AI, voice-driven virtual assistants offer an intuitive calling experience and instant resolution with 24/7 support. Customers can self-select the right options, and when the query gets too complex, the call is escalated to a live agent along with contextualized information and a conversation transcript.



  • Customers and motivation for calling in natural language


  • Requests identified and directed to the best skilled agent when needed



  • Conversation based on customer's context and data


  • Routine calls with seamless, human-like interaction



  • Callers handled securely and accurately with voice biometric


Enjoy better performance while taking pressure off your agents

Introducing Callbots to your high-achieving teams is a great way to keep up with customer demand without sacrificing quality conversations. At a minimum, they dramatically reduce costs by offloading common but crucial queries from your agents. Advanced Callbots connect customers with the best agent to complete a sale and assist them with helpful insights or next best actions.

Boost efficiency

  • Handle higher numbers of inquiries
  • Easily absorb load peaks

Optimize resources

  • Offload repeat calls
  • Mobilize agents for complex requests

Guide agents

  • Get call transcript
  • Fill forms compliantly
  • Write report verbally

Boost efficiency

  • Pass contextualized insights to live agents
  • Improve well-being at work

A global telco chooses Orange to give its customers the freedom to speak in their own words

This global telecom provider wished to replace its old-fashioned IVR and DTMF voice menu with an immersive, conversational experience. Natively integrated into their contact center platform, the Callbot aims at enhancing the customer journey and accelerating query resolution with a 30% decline in call transfers. Leveraging voice biometrics, customers are authenticated upstream to save time on every call.

With the Orange Business Callbot solution, we were able to reduce the contact volume for our agents with 20% of our calls handed off to bots.


An experienced customer experience services provider and integrator you can trust

By choosing Orange Business, you are getting a recognized partner for contact center integration, who is able to deliver AI capabilities with: local presence and support, unequaled global reach and reputed voice quality. Our experts help you define the use cases, in which automation could enhance your processes, and integrate the bot platform that best matches your needs within your existing ecosystem – regardless of the technology in place.

Global voice network with reputed voice quality

Established experience in interactive voice response and contact center integration

Expertise in natural language understanding, biometrics, AI and analytics

Innovative technology and best practices of key players in the virtual assistant market

Rewrite the rules of customer engagement

Rewrite the rules of customer engagement

Transform the customer experience in any way you can imagine

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