Secure and flexible infrastructure

Build digital infrastructure for operational excellence and sustainable business outcomes.

Secured digital infrastructure is paramount for safeguarding data, ensuring uninterrupted operations and defending against cyber threats. This robust foundation empowers businesses to innovate, scale and thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.
Design infrastructures adapted to your business

Networks, gateways and computing resources are essential for digitalization. Rely on our proven expertise to recommend and customize the best technological solutions to meet your specific operational needs.

Fast deployment, customized for your needs

Enjoy seamless infrastructure setup, prioritizing production continuity. Our project managers will collaborate with you to design and execute a tailored solution, ensuring minimal business disruption.

Efficient control and maintenance guaranteed

Thoroughly monitor your infrastructure usage for performance aligned with your needs, and enjoy flexible upgrade planning. Partnering with Orange assures availability that matches your unique challenges.

Security and resilience

By leveraging digital infrastructure with security measures, you can significantly enhance your ability to withstand cyber threats and ensure operational resilience in today's dynamic and evolving threat landscape. Trust our expertise to assess and fortify your security.

We work with market-leading partners to bring you the best solutions

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Private LTE and 5G Networks for European CSPs, 2022-23

Orange Business is positioned as an Advanced Capability player in OMDIA Market Radar - Private LTE and 5G Networks for European CSPs, 2022-23.