Retail has always been an industry full of challenges, and COVID-19 has underlined them. Today’s market conditions, combined with fast-changing customer expectations, necessitate retailers to accelerate digital innovation and transform traditional business models.

Customer experience is the new competitive battleground, and successful retailers will harness the power of data and technology to enhance the customer experience and grow customer loyalty and trust. Digitalizing customer journeys, acting on customer insights and implementing changes in processes, technology and mindset will give you the springboard for long-term success.


Transition to the low-touch digital store


In spite of the significant growth of the e-commerce channel, stores remain key touchpoints in the customer shopping journey and are still driving between 80% and 90% of total retail sales. In-store retention and engagement are critical to building loyalty and driving a higher volume of sales. However, your customers expect digital experiences that go beyond shopping, while always ensuring their safety.

Orange Business supports retailers in offering convenience services, such as high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity and queue management solutions. These help ensure your customers have a pleasant, minimum-touch shopping experience, and ultimately spend more. We can also deploy people-counting and Wi-Fi analytics solutions in your stores, enabling you to improve customer flow and ensure safety measures, like social distancing, are respected. Coupled with air quality monitoring IoT solutions, you can be certain of the health and safety of your customers and employees in all of your retail locations.

We can also improve in-store engagement with innovative devices, such as interactive kiosks, touch tables and digital displays, that drive customer engagement. We can support in-store digital customer journeys, thanks to user-friendly applications, such as a digital product catalog, in-store product ordering and targeted promotions. Orange Business takes care of every step, from development and deployment to the daily management of your applications.

In-store sales still account for more than 90% of total retail sales in the U.S.

U.S. Census Bureau/Business Insider – May 2018


Offer superior omnichannel shopping experiences to your customers


5x faster
Online sales are expected to grow 5x faster than traditional retail sales by 2021.

Forrester Online Retail Forecast – 2017-2022

Retailers’ growth drivers are now more strongly linked than ever before to their capacity to integrate the new journeys of digital customers. However, many retailers still manage their offline and online sales channels in silos.

Our expert business consultants lever our integration capabilities to help you map customer journeys and unify all of your sales channels, order management, payment processing, loyalty programs, delivery options, and more, both in-store and out-of-store. This will enable you to deliver the true omnichannel experiences that your customers expect.

Combined with our Contact Center solutions, you can ensure full consistency in the way customers experience your brands across multiple touchpoints and devices, while collecting critical data about their behavior and expectations. Orange can help you turn data into actionable insights – regardless of its shape and size – to move towards more personalized, predictive engagement of customers, thanks to our extensive data science capabilities.


Empower your workforce to succeed in its new role


As the role of the store is reinvented, in-store employees will have a part to play as personal advisors to shoppers. With Orange Mobile Workplace, you can give your employees access to the tools and applications they need to succeed in these roles. These will be accessible from anywhere through secure mobile terminals and cover CRM, inventory management, order management and more.

There is an ongoing competition to recruit, retain and develop the best talent, particularly among millennials, who value a great employee experience. Orange Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions can improve the collective knowledge and performance of your teams by facilitating better teamwork.

Additionally, retailers can avoid any skills gap resulting from high workforce turnover and give proper career perspective to their employees. The Orange Digital Academy and User Adoption Program offers flexible solutions that help you ensure your employees are trained and aware of new policies and processes, including the implications of new COVID-19 regulations.

Retail is among the three industries with the highest yearly workforce turnover.

LinkedIn Research – March 2018


Enhance your operations and drive growth with leading-edge technology


of IT decision makers believe lack of visibility into their legacy network infrastructure is a barrier to digital transformation.

Riverbed research – September 2017

Retailers typically operate a complex distributed network of business locations: offices, stores and distribution centers. At the same time, in-store bandwidth use is exploding as stores put tablets, video, digital signs and other technologies to work. These technologies are having a profound impact on the performance of traditional networks.

Orange Flexible SD-WAN helps you apply more granular levels of control for specific business applications along the end-to-end connectivity, security and cloud application service delivery chain. With SD-WAN-based orchestration, you can directly dimension to the required level of bandwidth, configure virtual network functions and manage third-party infrastructure through APIs. This ensures you can deliver the agility and responsiveness required to each of your business locations.

Furthermore, Multisourcing Service Integration allows you to regain control over your suppliers and acquisitions, costs and IT estate while ensuring that all services work in harmony with the required governance level.


Move towards the retail model of the future


IT infrastructure and cloud

Flexible SD-WAN
Adopt a new network approach for more agile and cost-effective connectivity

Network Boost
Improve the performance of your network and applications with our fully-managed network and performance monitoring and WAN optimization services

Flexible Engine
Benefit from the latest cloud infrastructure management innovations with a worldwide public cloud for all your applications by Orange Cloud for Business
Develop your e-commerce website and applications in a quicker, safer and easier way

Multisourcing Service Integration
Govern a multi-supplier customer architecture with an end-to-end single platform

Enriched customer relationships

Flux Vision
Transform mobility data into actionable business intelligence to drive up the growth and profitability of your retail locations

Flexible Contact Center
Create a seamless and consistent customer experience with our simple and flexible contact center solution

Unified Engagement Suite
Adopt an open, stable and proven customer experience platform to deliver personalized, hassle-free customer interactions

Managed Voice Portal
Choose a highly customizable cloud-based interactive voice response solution integrated with Orange contact centers

Connectivity and collaboration

Business Together as a Service
Work better together with a cloud-based unified communications and collaboration solution

Business Together Sharespace
Modernize your intranet by embedding social and collaborative features

Device Management Premium
Give your employees secure access to the right tools and applications, accessible from anywhere through any device

Digital Academy & User Adoption Program
Ensure your employees are trained and aware of new policies, new processes and the related implications


Waterair enchants its customers with digital technology

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"We are in a very changing market, so we need documents to be updated continuously. The application created with Orange Business provides us with a simple, intuitive and customizable online catalog that allows us to show our customers the huge potential of our made-to-measure products."

Matthieu de Bollivier, Sales Representative, Waterair


Why choose Orange Business?


Retail expertise

Orange has extensive expertise in transforming our own retail activities, serving over 280 million customers through 6,000 point-of-sale locations in around 30 countries.

We've developed a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges that new technologies and digital transformation create for retailers.

We've helped more than 47,000 retail customers in making the most out of their digital transformation in France and abroad.

Partner for innovation

Our commitment to innovation makes us a trusted partner to support our retail customers in successfully transitioning to a digital business model and staying on top of competition, whether it's coming from e-commerce companies, innovative start-ups or traditional competitors.

Our innovator DNA, embodied by our 1,000 researchers within our more than 15 worldwide labs and start-up incubators, enables us to customize business innovation through ideation, incubation and proof of concept.

We have more than 500 consultants located in 115 countries to help you accelerate and scale your digital initiatives around innovative technologies, like cloud, AI, AR/VR, IoT and 5G.