Network Boost: enhance your connectivity over MPLS or the Internet

Do you need a full control, visibility and management for your applications?
Network Boost is the right answer.

Network Boost targets major accounts and businesses as well as companies with sensitive business applications with need of good visibility and the ability to control and improve the behavior of their applications on the network, whether their sites are standard or dual.

Network Boost allows you to control your applications over WAN and at the same time, improves the performance of critical applications via probes installed on the network.

It can be sold only with Business VPN or at least one connection to the Orange network. Pricing is per site. We can deliver Network Boost to any site around the world with attractive prices based exactly on your needs.


Network Boost


Fully managed service providing network performance, monitoring and WAN optimization features in addition to our Business VPN service


Visibility and control
Understanding usage and application performance and aligning business objectives and network resource allocation

  • Guaranteed performance of critical applications
  • Managed WAN connections
  • Simple organization and reporting
  • Visibility of your network

Dynamic WAN selection
Dynamically selects the best network access for each session to match performance objectives

  • Maximized application performance and network usage
  • Maximized combined network efficiency
  • Integration with hybrid networks


WAN optimization

  • Acceleration of critical apps over the network
  • Specific configurations based on your business requirements
  • Improved quality of service
  • Shorter response times





onscreen description

Guaranteeing performance of critical applications
Enabling the development of new uses

Control, optimization and management of business applications


onscreen description

88 sites worldwide, several DCs with dual MPLS, 60 with Smart Path (MPLS+Internet)
Unifying communications

Protection of critical application bandwidth and optimization to reduce costs
Clear network traffic visibility


onscreen description

Ensuring business continuity and guaranteeing the availability of critical applications
Deploying tools for monitoring the WAN network
Optimizing IT costs

Full visibility over the network and all data flows
Ability to analyze, optimize and accelerate all business applications operating on the WAN
Network availability and performance for a high-quality, user-friendly service


Why Orange Business Services?

We are a global network-native digital services company
We help our customers across the globe transform their industries, reimagine their services, create a positive impact and unleash the power of their data into an amazing and trusted resource that gives our customers positive business impact. With them, we are designing the new awesome.

Manage your solutions online

Easily manage your Orange Business Services solutions with My Service Space, your secure, self-service portal.

Manage ordering activities

  • View current active service/s
  • Activate services at the top of basic package (visibility, control and Cloud Application Database)
  • Request VAS (value added services) and special services (Dynamic WAN selection, acceleration, etc.)
  • Access information about services, terms and conditions

Control your budget

  • View and download invoices and credit notes
  • Access reports of financial invoices in XML/CSV format
  • Receive email notifications when reports are available

Quickly report incidents

  • Create incident tickets and track their resolution
  • Navigate seamlessly between incidents/events/inventory
  • Receive e-mail notifications upon incident status change


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