Flexible Contact Center: communicate with customers the way they want

Drive customer engagement with Flexible Contact Center. Our all-in-one contact center service combines voice with digital medias to create seamless and consistent experience. It provides fast resolutions, regardless of location and contact channel, while allowing customers to connect to skilled agents when their queries need urgent or personalized assistance. It never been easier for your customers to reach you and for your representatives to improve resolution rates.

Choose a solution simple and flexible enough to evolve with your business

Delivered from the cloud, Flexible Contact Center provides greater scalability. Is your activity growth requiring an increase in capacity? The number of seats can be increased in real-time. Are your agents geographically dispersed or home-based? They access a unique interface and the full customer interaction history directly from the web while being centrally managed. Adopt new features without disrupting your business, easily and at your own pace.

All-in-one contact center services

Packaged offer with customization capabilities
Powerful and intuitive cockpit for agents and supervisors
Advanced features, including call back, recording and archiving, CRM integration
Real-time statistics and historical reports

Ready-to-use, turnkey contact center

Fast to set up and easy to use
Hosted, secured and managed by Orange
Telephony agnostic with built-in business continuity

Flexibility of the cloud

Upgradable service to fit your needs
No implementation on customer site
Pay-as-you-go pricing model

Advanced capabilities

Experts to assist you, from design to implementation
High service availability (99,9% SLA)
24/7 incident management
International call collect and regional voice routing for better quality

Ensure minimum IT investment and cost optimization

By moving to an OPEX model, you will pay for what you use and easily manage peak activity and seasonal demand based solely on usage. Also, the single interface for processing contacts with no hardware investment will allow you to use your existing IT resources and control costs.

Deliver the best possible customer experience

Increase your agility and follow market trends using real-time administration tools, reporting and analytics. Considering new user expectations and proactively reaching out to customers will help you deliver consistent end-user experience. You will also gain in productivity through better resource allocation and higher numbers of contacts processed, which will satisfy customers.

Optimize IT resources and avoid heavy infrastructure

By delegating the rollout, hosting, operation and maintenance of your contact center, you can take advantage of the latest technological advances in customer relationship management, without having to invest in heavy infrastructure or IT specialist resources. Moreover, providing the same tool worldwide will help you optimize IT resources.

The power of a telecom operator and digital service provider

Leverage our unique know-how in integration systems backed by our expertise in cloud and contact centre deployments. 550+ contact center experts are dedicated to making your business life easier. From design to implementation, a project team is at your service to advise and assist you in tailoring your contact center solution to your requirements. We train your teams (agents, supervisors and administrators) to help make your contact center as successful as possible.