Managed Voice Portal

Enhancing customer experiences is about simplifying and streamlining your business processes to reduce customer effort throughout interactions. Choosing IVR solutions as the front door to your company is a win-win strategy. It provides the opportunity to empower customers by opening their own data to them so that they can self-serve. In the meantime, it provides your business with customer digital data trails that can be used to better understand their needs as well as predicting purchasing and churn decisions. Cherry on the top: self-service applications require little staff involvement, so headcount efficiencies can be gained.

Choose a solution that fits your needs

Benefit from an highly customizable cloud-based Interactive Voice Response, build on top of Genesys technology and natively integrated with Orange Contact Centers. From standard customer service to very specific requirements, we build a service that fully aligns with your business objectives and develop unique applications to simplify your day-to-day activities.

Turn your challenges into business opportunities


Orange helps you stand out

We bring together the power of a global telecom operator and a digital service provider, leveraging our unique know-how in software development and system integration.