End to end single platform for governing a multisupplier customer architecture

MSI is a Multisourcing Service Integration solution, allowing seamless end to end management of multiple IT service suppliers and integrating and governing them through a single customer-facing IT interface.

MSI bricks

Orange coordinates and integrates service delivery globally

Orange provides customer with visibility and control for building a unified vision over the end-to-end performance of customers IT landscape. It simplifies operations and ensures contract compliance according to SLAs. Orange delivers performance tracking, including reporting on performance KPIs and analytics with forecasts for future needs.

Service Support & Delivery Management

▪ SPOC for all services gives efficiency improvements and cost reductions through economies of scale
▪ Business end to end driven means improving CSAT
▪ Improved Supplier Management through standard interface and process

End-to-end Performance Monitoring and Analytics

▪ Measure specific E2E KPI’s focusing on end user experience
▪ Deliver supplier specific KPI’s and end to end KPI’s to achieve customer business targets

Lifecycle & Contract management

▪ CBU presents a simple and consistent interface
▪ Contract risk assessments and mitigation, help customers in their technology innovation roadmaps, and advise on new trends

Unified Service Catalog & Service Pricing

▪ Structured service catalog that ensures easy and fast service ordering across technologies
▪ Service homogenization across providers enables faster delivery and easier exchangeability

Transition and Transformation support

▪ MSI Agile Project methodology for accurate planning, P&L and resource mobilization reducing project risks and optimize customer costs
▪ Clear business driven alignment to project deliverables

Governance at Regional and Central Scale

▪ MSI end-to-end contract execution to simplify complex solutions
▪ Systematic relationship ensures longevity and avoids dependency on individuals

Consulting services

▪ MSI maturity assessment : benchmarking approach, analysis of the current state & plan
▪ Audits, regulatory & compliance governance, recommendations & roadmap,
▪ Business risk analysis, supporting adoption and transformation
▪ Innovation & initiatives workshops, user-groups with key stakeholders