BroadSoft: our partner for VoIP and collaboration offers

Specialized in providing VoIP and collaboration solutions for service providers, BroadSoft has for several years accompanied the evolution of companies’ TDM voice services to VoIP (Centrex and trunking offers) and more recently, our clients' evolution to collaborative suites for any type of fixed or mobile device.

Partner serving operators specialized in IP communication solutions

BroadSoft offers an integrated suite of communication/collaboration across a software platform called BroadWorks, consisting of three main applications:

  • UC-One (communication and collaboration suite)
  • Team-One (collaborative suite)
  • CC-One (contact centers)

Recently, BroadSoft offers a SaaS-based solution called BroadCloud, which accelerates the implementation of solutions for services providers.

BroadSoft positions its value proposition in providing solutions packaged and marketed by service providers through a license-based model and is dependent on service providers for go-to-market actions.

Reversely, Orange gets from BroadSoft a technical enabler that is both competitive and innovative, without having to invest heavily in R&D. From a customer standpoint, our partnership provides a competitive, innovative and reliable solution including basic trunking services up to a full communications suite. Together, we have developed solutions covering all business needs:

  • Business Internet Voice, trunking offer for SMEs
  • Business Internet Centrex, IP telephony offering for SMEs and GE
  • Teaming, new offer in communication/collaboration construction for SMEs
  • We've partnered for over 15 years, and Orange is part of BroadSoft’s top 10 partners.
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Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Gaithersburg, MD (USA), BroadSoft is a global communication software and service provider delivering cloud-based UC solutions to communications service providers, based on their UC-One solution, which consists of two product platforms, BroadWorks and BroadCloud.

  • Over 1,500 employees serving over 600 service providers across the world
  • Reported a $341 million turnover in 2016