HPE: leader in hybrid cloud, intelligent mobility and professional services

HPE is the key player in hybrid cloud, with its leading global server, storage and hyperconverged and composable infrastructure offer, and in smart mobility with HPE Aruba Networking, its WLAN offering. HPE brings expertise through a broad portfolio of professional services and strategic partnerships and alliances.

Digital transformation with HPE Aruba Networking connectivity, SD-LAN, voice over WLAN and IoT-ready LAN

Our partnership is primarily focused on three industries: retail, smart buildings and health care.

HPE products are highly recognized within Orange Business. HPE Aruba Networking is considered a full member of the Orange Business network-as-a-service strategy and is integrated into our new Flexible LAN offer. Moreover, ours is a best-of-breed partnership between two Gartner Magic Quadrant leaders, and with worldwide coverage capabilities, we are able to address both domestic and global projects.

The Open HPE Aruba Networking solution is compatible with the Orange Business multi-vendor environment and IT/software partner ecosystem technologies. HPE Hardware industrializes the Orange hybrid cloud offer via a high level of automation and a flexible, composable infrastructure.

A global alliance with a high level of market visibility

With HPE technologies, we are able to offer a variety of solutions to meet today's connectivity and cloud requirements:

  • International connectivity: MLAN (International), ERS (LAN), Flexible LAN
  • Connectivity within France via Orange Business SA: Integrated (LAN/WLAN) + LAN standard (MDM) + LAN connectivity + Clearpass (NAC)
  • Private cloud / hybrid cloud outsourcing
  • Hybrid cloud / multi-cloud solutions

We can address many verticals and various use cases that are part of our clients’ data journeys with the HPE edge-to-cloud portfolio.

Orange has an HPE Aruba Networking PLATINUM label, and Orange connectivity holds four HPE Partner Ready specializations:

  • Data Center Networking Specialist – Gold Partner
  • Services Specialist – Gold Partner
  • Wireless LAN Specialist – Gold Partner
  • Networking Specialist – Gold Partner
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Founded in 1939 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Hewlett Packard Enterprise brings together HP's activities in servers, networking, storage, software and enterprise services.

  • 61,600 employees worldwide in 2019
  • Annual revenue of US $29.1 billion in 2019


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