Crosscall: an ecosystem of sustainable products

Crosscall is a French brand that designs phones that are adapted for all environments and are differentiated by their durability.

Crosscall and Orange Business: a tailor-made solution

The Orange-Crosscall partnership enables us to offer hybrid telephony solutions on smartphones to replace obsolete fixed telephones, to set up dedicated business applications and to offer an ecosystem of innovative accessories, which widens the field of possibilities.

Your needs, our innovations

In order to help you in your sustainable relaunch, Crosscall is able to offer you durable equipment with a 3-year guarantee, easy repairs, equipment trade-ins and express exchanges. We are working closely with Crosscall to provide you a "device as a service." Your phone will become a DECT (digital enhanced cordless telecommunications device), a PC and, above all, a daily work tool for your employees. We co-innovate to ensure constant reachability within your production facilities by using your devices as walkie-talkies or on private networks.

Crosscall's 360° solutions

  • DECT replacement: replace obsolete fixed phones
  • Dedicated business applications: Google, MDM, etc.
  • Ecosystem of innovative accessories: facilitate your uses and widen the field of possibilities


  • AER

Crosscall and Orange Business equip the French Gendarmerie and the French National Police

As part of the NEO tender launched by the French Ministry of the Interior, the Gendarmerie Nationale and the Police Nationale have chosen Orange Business and Crosscall to equip and connect their entire operational forces. More than 200,000 rugged and durable handsets, connected to business applications, will accompany the mobile police forces in the evolution of their profession for a period of four years.

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Crosscall, created in 2009, is a French brand based in Aix-en-Provence. The company designs phones and tablets that are: adapted to all environments; differentiated by their durability; and include a 3-year warranty. Crosscall's products are among the most repairable on the market. Today, Crosscall is an ETI with almost 200 employees and 100% French capital.