The revolution reshaping the financial services, banking and insurance industries is creating countless opportunities for financial institutions to reinvent their business models through digital transformation and innovation. Orange can help you become agile enough to take advantage of new business opportunities, overcome the biggest challenges facing the financial industry, and prosper next to both existing competitors and new FinTech entrants alike.


Reinvent the customer relationship

With an increasing portion of the customer relationship now happening online, banking and insurance customers expect seamless, personalized experiences across all channels and devices.

Whether it’s creating customer-centric mobile applications, equipping your branches with high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, or delivering a true omni-channel experience via our Flexible Contact Center solutions, we can help you provide a state-of-the-art customer experience in the digital, mobile-first age.

We can even help you turn data into actionable insights and move towards more personalized, predictive engagement with your customers using our extensive data science capabilities.

of banking and insurance customers are willing to share their personal data in exchange for personalized products and services.

Accenture Global Distribution & Marketing Consumer Study, 2017

Modernize your legacy IT environment


of FinTech startups link their better agility to their lack of legacy systems and consider it a key competitive advantage.

CapGemini World FInTech Report Survey, 2017

Orange offers secure, global, enriched connectivity to handle your complex financial ecosystem. We can connect all your sites and branches, so your globally distributed teams can access your applications and share information without regard to organizational, geographic or system boundaries.

When it comes to managing your enterprise infrastructure, network hybridization is a must for leveraging the growth of the Internet and public-cloud traffic in a cost-effective and agile manner. With Orange Flexible SD-WAN, you can easily adjust to the required level of bandwidth, configure virtual network functions and manage third-party infrastructure through APIs, so you can deliver the agility and responsiveness required by each of your business units. Transforming your network for the cloud-native age will allow you to drive business innovation. We have a full range of services and technologies to help you make the most out of your cloud transformation.

Additionally, our Multisourcing Service Integration service helps you regain control over your suppliers, costs and IT estate, while ensuring that all services work in harmony with the required governance level.

Manage cyber risk and maintain regulatory compliance


US$18.3 M
per organization.
Financial services has the highest average annualized cost of cybercrime of any industry.

Accenture-Ponemon Institute Cost of Cybercrime Study, 2017

Orange enables you to protect sensitive information, manage risks and maintain regulatory compliance while ensuring secure access to your employees' and customers’ data.

Orange Cyberdefense is at the forefront of cyberdefense with eighteen Security Operations Centers (SOCs) around the world monitoring and responding to events 24/7, and 11 specialized CyberSOCs bringing together the best expertise in threat analysis. As part of our real-time Security Event Intelligence, service our security experts can detect and analyze events through data analytics, identify counter measures and trigger corrective actions, providing high-quality security monitoring and alerts.

With the arrival of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), financial institutions faced the urged to overhaul the way they handle, protect and store customer data. Through the Orange GDPR readiness assessment and business consulting on MiFID and PSD2, we can help you ensure compliance with GDPR and other regulations inside your organization.

Be at the forefront of financial innovation


of financial services CIOs consider organizational culture the biggest barrier to digital initiatives.

Gartner CIO Agenda, 2018

Orange can help you improve collaborative processes to optimize your financial operations and speed up innovation. Orange enterprise collaboration solutions help to connect all your people, information and systems in a single collaboration hub. Additionally, our digital workplace solutions can boost your teams’ collective knowledge and performance by facilitating teamwork, regardless of where they operate.

Supporting new ideas and fostering an innovation mindset are crucial in offering your customers the innovative financial services they expect. Our business and innovation consultants can help you navigate emerging technologies (cloud-native platforms, IoT, robotics process automation, data intelligence, etc.) so you can transform your business model and deliver more value to your customers.


Our solutions

IT infrastructure and cloud
Flexible SD WAN

An agile and future-proof solution to enable cybersecure, multi-cloud connectivity for all your locations around the world, including remote and isolated sites


Secure access to your cloud service providers via your VPN, without touching the public Internet, or via Flexible SD-WAN, with superior security, reliability and performance levels

Managed Applications

Application management services to ensure high performing, always-available cloud infrastructure and applications at all times

Flexible Engine

Worldwide public cloud for all your applications

Customer experience
Flux Vision

Transformation of mobility data into actionable business intelligence to drive up the growth and profitability of your branches

Flexible Contact Center

A simple and flexible contact center solution that provides a seamless and consistent customer experience

Unified Engagement Suite

An open, stable and proven customer experience platform to deliver personalized, hassle-free digital interactions

Managed Voice Portal

Highly-customizable, cloud-based interactive voice response solution integrated with Orange contact centers

Flexible Applications Access

A simple and secure solution for remote access to your information systems, whether on site or in the cloud, for executives and employees working remotely or traveling

Flexible Security Platform

Fully-customizable, next-generation firewall to protect inbound and outbound network traffic

Vulnerability Intelligence

Identification of security vulnerabilities that represent a real risk to your organization and its assets if they were exploited by an attacker

Mobile Threat Protection

Detection and response to cyberattacks on your mobile fleet with real-time reporting and control

Incident Response

Intervention delivered by our cybersecurity teams to assess potential cyberattacks, contain them if necessary, evict the attackers and restore your operations

Collaboration and innovation
Virtual Desktop

Flexible, cloud-based infrastructure that lets you liberate yourself from device management and reduce costs by putting all your applications in the cloud

Business Together as a Service

A cloud-based unified communications and collaboration solution to foster interaction among your teams

Business Together Sharespace

Social and collaborative features for modernizing your intranet

Hyperautomation and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Our one-stop solution that helps you delegate repetitive, rule-based tasks to bots and free up your workforce to do more complex, higher-value tasks. Combine RPA with machine learning, process mining, chatbots and blockchain for tasks that are not routine, repetitive or stable, such as compliance document processing


BNP Paribas deploys SD-WAN technology to more than 1,800 branches in France

"The Orange Business teams have shown an impressive ability to understand our business needs, beyond their area of IT expertise, and to think several steps ahead, to support our digital transformation from end-to-end."

Bernard Gavgani, Chief Information Officer for the BNP Paribas Group