How you can benefit from the new GDPR

Data has become one of the most valuable assets of businesses of all sizes. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides rules for the protection of data across Europe and is designed to give individuals better control over their personal data. It is a huge opportunity for companies to capitalize on and to drive business growth. And Orange experts are here to assist you in your GDPR journey.

Maintain your GDPR compliance over time

It's important to know where your data sits and if it’s still valuable and accurate. Together with our partner Veritas, we can help you locate your data and then, through a joint workshop, determine where you are with regards to your GDPR readiness.

The ability to demonstrate a security-minded, data-privacy-oriented culture across your organization is essential, and keeping your employees included in the GDPR journey helps facilitate the process. Our tailored security consultancy and training offers give you the support that you need to do just that.

While IT Flexible Engine, our certified, highly secured cloud services, ideally complement our other GDPR-related services.

Increase trust through security

We have processed data securely and across hard-to-reach places for many years. Security is in our DNA. Our offers and our dedicated security teams are your ideal solution to securing the data that you decide to keep.

Prevent – Protect – Detect – Respond: wherever support and advise is needed, we are here with a helping hand during each and every step – to ensure the security of one of your most valuable, if not your most valuable, business assets.

of companies want to change their partner to a supplier with a GDPR label/certification.

IDC 2017


Capture your data's potential and grow your business

of leaders are more likely to make decisions based on big data/analytics.

CIO Insights 2017

We help you to unleash the power of your data throughout your project, from gathering data, modeling and interpreting results, to industrialization. With our customer-centric approach, we share with you our expertise in data knowledge and predictive analysis to help you tackle your data challenges.

Datavenue – for your big data: a complete, flexible solution portfolio to make the most of your data and grow your business.


Why Orange?

security experts

data specialists

  • Experience implementing highly secured cloud services for Orange Group (OIV) and a strong proximity to the Group

dedicated portals

IoT & Data analytics experts

  • Teams dedicated to ensuring the compliance of our processes and offers
  • Experts and solutions that can help you protect your assets and create value