Managed Vunerability Intelligence [watch]: detect your security vulnerabilities

Each day, new security flaws are discovered in the digital technologies that make up your information system. IT security managers are receiving an increasing volume of security notices. In 2018 alone, more than 16,000 computer vulnerability bulletins were published. But you need to focus on the security vulnerabilities that matter most.

Our Managed Vunerability Intelligence [watch] solution identifies security vulnerabilities that represent a real risk to your business if they were exploited by an attacker. This solution from Orange Cyberdefense is for all multinational companies and small and medium businesses. The service model can be managed or bespoke depending on your needs.

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Four essential features for efficient vulnerability management

Managed Vunerability Intelligence [watch] is a modular service that can strengthen your level of protection against security breaches.



Our technological monitoring service identifies the latest security flaws discovered in real time. Our experts identify for you those that represent a risk for your business as well as the priority corrective measures to be applied. You are alerted as soon as possible in the event of a computer attack pandemic.


Our vulnerability scan allows you to regularly identify your company's security vulnerabilities. By precisely mapping the security vulnerabilities in your information system, you can maintain control over your vulnerabilities to effectively reduce your attack surface.

Ethical hacking

Our intrusion tests or pentest allow you to control the security level of your information system to see if it shows any vulnerabilities that would allow a malicious and motivated hacker to enter your defense system.

Check code

Our code audits allow you to eliminate vulnerabilities for each new iteration of software development. You check the weaknesses of your applications upstream to correct them before they are put online.


Your benefits

  • Reactivity: You reduce the risk of potential exploitation of your security flaws by hackers through a proactive vulnerabilities assessment. Our experts offer you a preventive or corrective action plan that can be directly used by the operational teams
  • Reliability: in order to facilitate your decision making, our experts contextualize for you the criticality of the security vulnerabilities discovered and analyze the risks incurred by your organization
  • Flexibility: you choose the services you need. You build your vulnerability management program at your own speed by selecting the desired features: technical watch, vulnerability scanner, pentest, code audit


Support from our security experts

Our Orange Cyberdefense experts support you in identifying and assessing the cyber risks to which you are exposed. Their recommendations allow you to guide decision making and effectively prioritize your preventive and corrective actions. In this way, you can focus your efforts on what is important to protect your business.


Orange Cyberdefense in a nutshell

  • The Orange Group’s specialist cybersecurity business unit with over 20 years’ experience
  • Presence in 160 countries with over 8,500 customers worldwide
  • +2,700 cybersecurity experts and consultants
  • An end-to-end security solutions portfolio: anticipation, identification, protection, detection, reaction – deployed under a range of service models
  • 24/7/365 cybersecurity monitoring and surveillance capabilities via our CERTs, CSIRTs, CyberSOCs[1] and Epidemiological and Signal Intelligence Lab
  • Unique threat intelligence and surveillance capabilities powered by our operator DNA, alliances with public and private organizations and in-house R&D

[1] CERT: Computer Emergency Response Team / CSIRT: Computer Security Incident Response Team / CyberSOC: Cyber Security Operation Center


Vulnerability Intelligence Watch

Managed Vunerability Intelligence [watch]

Find out how you can get alerts regarding your security vulnerabilities from a single monitoring tool.

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