Managed Secure Access: a single solution for protecting access to the Internet, cloud and internal apps

Organizations are now adopting new technologies and modern ways of working, such as SaaS applications, cloud platforms and remote workforces. In many cases, these multiple technical solutions are not integrated, which increases the complexity of securing and managing them consistently.

Managed Secure Access, secured by Orange Cyberdefense, is an all-in-one solution for securely managing access to the Internet, cloud platforms and internal applications hosted in either a data center or in the cloud. It provides you with complete security, consistent policy enforcement and enhanced visibility.

Managed Secure Access

Leverage Orange Cyberdefense intelligence-led security

The Orange Cyberdefense intelligence-led approach enables us to watch for new exploits that take advantage of known vulnerabilities, along with zero-day attacks that exploit vulnerabilities that are not yet widely known.

Managed Secure Access leverages our intelligence-led approach to provide you with:


Cyber threat intelligence

Brings up-to-the-hour protection against emerging threats identified by the Orange Cyberdefense threat research teams

Security expert support

Provides you with guidance and actionable recommendations based on our experts' understanding of your priorities and challenges


Manage detection and response

Helps you discover breaches as they occur and provides you with the most suitable way to contain and respond to them


Equips your security teams with the needed real-time visibility to know what is happening across all your access types


First step towards full Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Managed Secure Access is a managed Security Service Edge (SSE) complemented by the unique capabilities of Orange Cyberdefense. It is integrated with a wide range of SD-WAN solutions, allowing your organization to adopt a future-proof strategy towards full SASE.

Orange Cyberdefense expertise and alliances

In order to meet your business needs and overcome security challenges, Orange Cyberdefense brings:

25+ years of experience
in cybercrime and forensics with strong knowledge of hacker communities and communications channels
Independent CERTs
across France, UK, Norway, Sweden, Poland, South Africa, Canada and Singapore – 3,000 cyberdefense experts across the globe
with key tech vendors and agencies, such as Europol, First, TF-CSIRT and Phishing Initiative


Managed Secure Access

Managed Secure Access

Securely connect to the Internet, cloud and apps without compromising visibility

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