Managed Secure Access: a single solution for protecting access to the Internet, cloud and internal apps

Managed Secure Access allows your teams to focus on your business, while we secure your users’ access to data and applications.

In our post pandemic world, people are the new perimeter. This modern business environment demands users to securely access resources (data and applications) from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Businesses are looking for means to securely adopt new technologies and modern ways of working without compromising security, visibility and end-user experience.

Managed Secure Access by Orange Cyberdefense, is a single solution to protect your data and applications from anywhere, at any time, from any device, ensuring the best digital experience.

Managed Secure Access

With Managed Secure Access, you benefit from seamless, flexible security by building your own experience and adapting to new threats:

  • Orange Cyberdefense threat intelligence: Protects against emerging high-risk threats in real time with ZERO false positives
  • Secure posture management: Regular alignment between your business requirements and security controls, enhanced security posture, reduced risk and continuous improvement
  • Self-service access: Time savings by accessing the MSSP services at your convenience while maintaining control and visibility
  • Co-management access: Collaboration with our teams in managing the service, giving you flexibility and speed

First step towards full Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

Managed Secure Access is a managed Security Service Edge (SSE) complemented by the unique capabilities of Orange Cyberdefense. It is integrated with a wide range of SD-WAN solutions, allowing your organization to adopt a future-proof strategy towards full SASE. Read More about the Orange Cyberdefense SASE approach.

Orange Cyberdefense unique assets and capabilities


Intelligence-led approach

Effectively safeguard your business against confirmed high-risk threats

Outcome-based service

Focus on the specific outcomes that matter to your business, ensuring that you are prepared for future technological advancements


Global footprint with local presence

Count on our commitment to our customers to ensure that our local teams work closely with you throughout your security journey, providing localized support and global expertise

Leading MSSP

Benefit from a major MSSP experience and expertise in the security domain to maximize your return on investment



Managed Secure Access

Managed Secure Access

Focus on your business while we secure your users, data and applications

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